Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn): Season 1/ Episode 17 “The Pirates of Awa” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview The Green Dragon, Jeaha, is introduced and it seems he is very much unlike the other dragons. Topic 1: Awa Port – Hak Topic 2: The New Guy In Town – Hak & Jeaha Topic 3: A Pirate’s Life For Me! – Jeaha Review (with Spoilers) – Below Topic 1: Awa Port – Hak…

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The Green Dragon, Jeaha, is introduced and it seems he is very much unlike the other dragons.

Topic 1: Awa Port – Hak

Topic 2: The New Guy In Town – Hak & Jeaha

Topic 3: A Pirate’s Life For Me! – Jeaha

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: Awa Port – Hak

In Awa Port City, a city a part of the Earth Kingdom, there is a sea of false smiles, abuse of power, and a man named Lord Yan Kamji who heavily taxes the public and has shady business deals. Of which, importing drugs is one of them. Though perhaps the worst part of the abuse of power is that the women perhaps suffer the most. For between being treated like prostitutes, if not being outright raped, it seems their safety isn’t guaranteed on the streets. That is, unless Hak is around.


With Su-Won having just left the center of the Earth Clan, and there being more and more talk about the Kai empire, it does lead you to wonder which may come first: Yona, and her clan, traveling to the Kai empire, or a face to face with Su-Won once more? After all, there is now one dragon left and while Jeaha seems like he may be hard to obtain, the last one probably will be in an even more precarious position.

Topic 2: The New Guy In Town – Hak & Jeaha

With Hak seeing a young woman nearly taken advantage of by two officials, he steps in. He isn’t alone though, for the Green Dragon Jeaha also helps protect the civilian against the official. Leading to mutual admiration between Hak and Jeaha, which is slightly awkward. Mostly because it isn’t fully clear if Jeaha simply admires Hak’s strength and beauty, or if there perhaps are feelings involved.

Though with them fighting together well once comes multiple meetings. All of which leads to little reveals from both sides, and while we already know what Hak has to say, from Jeaha we learn he has been village-less for 13 years. Also, that he is the type who enjoys his freedom and seems to enjoy a life of excess. Especially if the excess contains beauty.


With Jeaha being as flamboyant as he is, I must admit the first thing I questioned is whether what may keep him in Yona’s traveling band maybe Hak. For while I can’t say for sure Jeaha is bi, pan, or what have you, there is an obvious attraction to both beautiful men and women. However, even with Hak’s attractive qualities, it is made quite clear Jeaha refuses to just abide to fate’s will and end up with Yona. For whenever the dragons, or Yona, are near, he disappears. Leading me to hope his background is given an episode or two so we can see his life back in his village. For, unlike Sinha, he seems educated on who he is and his fate, making him rebelling against it all the more interesting.

Topic 3: A Pirate’s Life For Me! – Jeaha

Though it can’t be said how long he has been at it, it seems Jeaha is a pirate under captain Gigan, a woman who seemingly isn’t your typical pirate. How so? Well, captain Gigan seems more so focused on monitoring, and trying to impede, Lord Kamji’s more corrupt deals than simply rob and attack towns for all they have. For example, as mentioned in topic 1, Lord Kamji’s men try to bring in drugs from the Kai Empire and Gigan, and her men, stop the boat and burn it.

Which, of course, Jeaha helps greatly with. However, it seems burning ships, and trying to stage skirmishes with Lord Kamji’s men, are only Gigan’s secondary objectives. Her real focus seems to be getting Kamji, if not a even bigger objective. Something of which, with former fishermen, among others, being her pirates, she can’t possibly do now. After all, she wants it so her men don’t get killed nor have the guilt of murder. Making it so she needs someone strong, another Jeaha, in order to get her mission accomplished. Leading to Jeaha mentioning recruiting Hak, something Gigan approves of. Leading to the question: How will Jeaha ever convince Hak to join him?


With how corrupt the governments are in many of the clans, it is surprising the show doesn’t show more of the corrupt governments. Especially since, as per “The Fandom Post” this show is running two seasons. Giving the series more than enough time for us to understand the corrupt nature of the Fire and Earth tribes, much less us seeing Yona trying to possibly win over the people as Su-Won tries to do the same perhaps.

Though, when it comes to this topic, what I am most curious about is Gigan and her backstory. For it has been quite a while since we had a non-central character pop up who seemed interesting. For with Su-Won’s partner in King Il’s assassination not being seen in eons, and Yun’s caretaker, Ik-su, probably not being seen ever again, it makes Gigan a bit refreshing.

Question is though: will she help build as good of a backstory for Jeaha as Ik-Su did for Yun? Much less will it match the feelings that the relationship between Ao and Sinha inspired? Well, only time will tell.

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