Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn): Season 1/ Episode 15 “To a New Land” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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With King Il largely being detested, there comes the question if King Su-Won maybe any better?

Topic 1: The Sheltered Princess – Yona

Topic 2: The King’s Visit to the Earth Clan – Su-Won, Geun-Tea, and Ju-Do

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: The Sheltered Princess – Yona

While Yona has heard stories of how tribes were doing during her travels, with visiting one Fire Tribe village plagued by sickness and lack of food, she realizes that things are worse than she though. Though what makes the situation worse is that the Fire Tribe general doesn’t get the direct blame, for at least he provides jobs through being in the military. Instead, the blame goes to the late King Il, someone talked about so harshly it makes Yona cry. For while she perhaps could question why her father was killed before, now reasons are popping up and she maybe beginning to realize she maybe one of the few to cherish the man she called dad.


This part of the episode was just made to setup for the return of Su-Won to me. And while Hak did defend King Il’s dream of no war, you can see the dream didn’t really lead to any blessings for those of the kingdom. Leading you to wonder, if Yona does ever reclaim the throne, or create a new kingdom, what will her policies be? She has lived the life of splendor, in the belief that there was peace, and has experienced the violence which comes with war. So which path may she choose?

Topic 2: The King’s Visit to the Earth Clan – Su-Won & Geun-Tea

With the tribes and the crown not being in sync for a generation, it seems Su-Won is trying to rebuild the relationships with his general. Leading to his first visit which is to the Earth Trube and seeing General Geun-Tea, a man who has little faith in Su-Won for he seems nothing like his father, who was Geun-Tea’s mentor. What especially doesn’t help their relationship though is Su-Won presents him with a head of state type visit in which he praises the local tea, wishes to sightsee, and seems completely uninterested in backing up his grand coronation speech. Leading to Geun-Tea dismissing him, at least until a war game is mentioned. For while Geun-Tea isn’t fond of the idea of a mock battle, his people are and it seems he may go along with the situation just because of their excitement.


Being that Su-Won knows he has to win over these tribes, and Geun-Tea openly mentioned he would start a rebellion if Su-Won was like King Il, I think these war games are going to be when Su-Won proves himself. Because, to me, Su-Won wants to emulate the kindness of King Il, yet present the fierceness of his father when necessary. Creating a perfect balance for a king. One approachable and loved by the people, yet respected and feared by the kingdom’s enemies.

Things To Note

According to one of Geun-Tea’s servants, Geun-Tea lost a war games scenario to Hak.

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