With the discovery of the Blue Dragon comes another backstory, one certainly better than the White Dragon’s.

Topic 1: The Odd People of The Mountain Castle – Yona

Topic 2: The Curse of the Blue Dragon – The Blue Dragon

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: The Odd People of The Mountain Castle – Yona

Upon arriving to the village Yun was speaking on, in the last episode, they are greeted by strange villagers who cover their face, if they are unmarried, and all seem starved and destitute. However, with Giju believing the Blue Dragon resides in the castle, and the villagers not being helpful, Yona tries to buy them some time by asking for a place to stay after their journey. A request fulfilled. However, after being given a room, the heroes search for the Blue Dragon and Yona ends up separated, leading to her seemingly almost get kidnapped for who knows what reason.


With the Blue Dragon’s village being a polar opposite of the White Dragons, in which they seemed to have known their culture, had the appearance of all being high born, and prosperous, it makes you wonder how the other two dragon villages may appear. Though perhaps the real interesting thing here is what in the world was the villager trying to do with Yona, much less where was he trying to take her?

Topic 2: The Curse of the Blue Dragon – The Blue Dragon

However, before this creepy guy could take her deeper into the castle, the Blue Dragon appears and saves her. But, with him having an upbringing which was the complete opposite of Giju, he doesn’t find himself head over heels with Yona. For while holding her hand, and getting her to safety, seemingly had an effect on him, he has lived in a ostracized state since being a child and it has left him uneasy about strangers. Well, outside of a squirrel.


Add the Blue Dragon to beautifully told backstories on this show. For while it wasn’t on the level of Yun, it did make me tear up a bit for the Blue Dragon’s relationship with his father (?) Ao was very sweet. For while Ao was a bit cruel to him, it seemingly was all to prep him for a village which feared his power [1] and yet relied on him for protection. Though it was Ao’s death, and the moments he warmed up to the Blue Dragon which had me teary eyed. To the point I was quite glad they used the majority of the episode to tell his story. Assuming the Blue Dragon is a he.

Things To Note

[1] The village rumor, which leads to the ostracizing of the Blue Dragon, is that the Blue Dragons eyes can turn whoever looks at them to stone. The truth is though, it just paralysis them to the point they are frozen like stone. Something which, eventually, would paralyze the Blue Dragon themselves. However, with us seeing a younger version of the Blue Dragon use this magic, and yet be alive, there is the question of if the spell has a time limit, or if perhaps the Blue Dragon just needs to rest after using their power.

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