Despite the build-up to Valentine’s Day, outside of Adachi getting a hug, the episode doesn’t offer much.

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Despite the build-up to Valentine’s Day, outside of Adachi getting a hug, the episode doesn’t offer much.

Director(s) Kuwabara Satoshi
Writer(s) Oochi Keiichirou
Aired (Funimation) 12/3/2020

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February 13th – Tarumi, Shimamura

Before Adachi’s big day with Shimamura, Tarumi spent time with her, and it was awkward. Why? Well, Tarumi seemingly wanted to pick up where her relationship with Shimamura left off, and it just wasn’t happening. Shimamura didn’t remember her nickname for Tarumi, there was a lot of awkward silence, and Shimamura was more so thinking of Adachi and how she felt in similar situations than Tarumi.

Tarumi with a slightly  shocked expression

This ultimately made it seem for Tarumi that maybe the magic was gone, but last minute, Shimamura remembers her nickname for Tarumi was Taru, which appears to end their outing on a high note.

February 14th – Adachi, Shimamura

When it comes to Adachi’s day with Shimamura, it is what we’ve become accustomed to. Adachi over the moon about seeing Shimamura, yet being awkward about it, paired with Shimamura appreciating Adachi and give her grace. That’s how their day goes, including when they exchange chocolate.

However, Shimamura does show a bit more effort than buying chocolate by purchasing, on a LED board, a message to Adachi about staying in each other’s life. This, of course, is touching but considered a grand gesture by Adachi, so she tries to find out whether there is a deeper meaning – there isn’t.

But, at the very least, the two girls do get into two awkward hugs, which, for Adachi, are heaven. Mainly due to this being more than just laying on Shimamura’s lap or being patted on the head. Mind you, it isn’t at the level of sitting between her legs, but it still holds a level of intimacy Adachi is glad to have access to.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Reality doesn’t change as gracefully as memories.
— Shimamura


On The Fence

What Once Was Cute, You Want To Start Wrapping It Up

Does anyone else feel that now things are going too slow? Granted, we’re no longer jumping weeks but trudging along days at a time, so of course, the pace has slowed down. However, one of the things you have to love about most anime is that they operate like limited series. There is this now or never feel since, second seasons, they aren’t a norm like with live-action shows.

Which is why, with Adachi and Shimamura, there is this need to question if things are picking up enough? Yes, Adachi and Shimamura are getting closer and closer by the episode. However, Shimamura still remains oblivious, and I’m unsure of whether her suddenly realizing Adachi has a crush in episode 11 or 12 will present the moment we deserve. After all, this has been a journey with Adachi, and those little moments she relishes, and the steps she has taken, it makes you want something epic for her. Be it a confession or a kiss.

Adachi hugging Shimamura

Yet, with the way things are going, anyone else get the vibe we may get a cliffhanger?


What Once Was Cute, You Want To Start Wrapping It Up - 76%


Slow and steady Adachi and Shimamura continues to go, but with only 3 episodes left, will we get to see Adachi's dreams come true, or will the dream be deferred?

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