Shimamura on the back of Adachi's bike

Adachi continues to prep for Valentine’s Day as Tarumi slowly finds means to reenter Shimamura’s life.

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Adachi continues to prep for Valentine’s Day as Tarumi slowly finds means to reenter Shimamura’s life.

Director(s) Kuwabara Satoshi
Writer(s) Oochi Keiichirou
Aired (Funimation) 11/27/2020

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The Tarumi Threat – Tarumi, Shimamura

Tarumi actually isn’t a threat yet. She is trying to get some of Shimamura’s time, but she isn’t aggressive about it. If anything, she is complimentary and nice, but not yet making the kind of moves Adachi should be worried about. Though, who knows, maybe Tarumi isn’t someone that warrants worry?

Happy Days Are Here Again – Adachi, Shimamura

Shimamura holding Adachi close

Adachi is both over the moon and dealing with serious anxiety. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and she is panicking about what chocolate to buy, what’s the best milk chocolate, and the high of it all hasn’t exhausted Adachi, but she might come to that point.

As for Shimamura? She remains very chill about everything, even as she notices Adachi has not just shifted day to day, but since she has met her. Yet, no matter what they’ve gone through, she also feels secure in her place. Leaving you to hope that Valentine’s Day something notable happens between the two.


On The Fence

Feeling Like More Should Happen

I won’t say this is a filler episode, but more so a setup for a more notable one down the line. Because you could honestly skip this and beyond learning Shimamura was born April 10th, that Adachi is a Libra, and Yashiro claims to be 680 years old, you don’t miss anything. Heck, even that information isn’t really a big deal to know, it is just tidbits. So here is hoping what was teased at the end of the episode, like a KISS, could mean a major ramp-up.

Yashiro smiling


Feeling Like More Should Happen - 74%


Adachi and Shimamura may have reached that point where it needs to put up or shut up as things are beginning to go from super cute to trying your patience.

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