Adachi and Shimamura: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Please Choose the Best Chocolate for Me” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

We jump from Christmas to New Years’ and now approach Valentine’s Day! But with someone new entering the picture, will Adachi’s place be threatened?

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Adachi and Shimamura smiling together.

We jump from Christmas to New Years’ and now approach Valentine’s Day! But with someone new entering the picture, will Adachi’s place be threatened?

Director(s) Kuwabara Satoshi
Writer(s) Oochi Keiichirou
Aired (Funimation) 11/20/2020
Introduced This Episode
Tarumi Kayano Ai

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The Simple Life – Imouto, Yashiro, Nagafuji, Hino

For Yashiro and Imouto, things are how we’re used to seeing between them. Yashiro is being weird, and coming off like a magical creature, and Imouto is just stunned in all the things that Yashiro can do. Which makes her taking two strands of her hair, which leave silver flakes in the air, and tying it around Imouto’s finger an odd thing. Especially when she makes it seem that, until she understands the mystery which is Yashiro, she won’t be able to untie it.

As for Nagafuji and Hino? They continue to make you question if something is going on or if they simply have a close friendship. From the outside looking in, one that could come off like they have something going on, but in reality, they just don’t have the boundaries you’d expect or desire.

Pushing Through The Anxiety – Shimamura, Adachi

Adachi being awkward, as usual.

With Adachi feeling more uncomfortable desires towards Shimamura, be it laying on her chest and other forms of intimacy, she decides to be a bit distant from Shimamura. It is not for too long, though, since Valentine’s Day gives the perfect opportunity for one-on-one time. Which, as usual, Shimamura doesn’t see as a romantic gesture since Hino and Nagafuji have their own routine that has gone on for years.

So, being that she appreciates the effort and knows Adachi is pushing herself, she accepts an exchange of chocolate and spending time together.

A New Girl Approaches – Tarumi, Nagafuji, Shimamura

Though what could complicate Adachi’s slow and steady approach is a childhood friend of Shimamura named Tarumi. Someone who gives a slightly bruised compliment to Shimamura and asks for her number. Mind you, it was very innocent, but considering the show’s pace, someone lighting a fire under Adachi should be expected.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

[How she feels about surprises] I prefer knowing because there’s actually some hope knowing it might happen.
— Adachi


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You Knowing There Could Be Reciprocated Feelings

When it comes to Shimamura, you could submit that often she didn’t seem to meet Adachi’s interest in becoming something more. If anything, the way she would treat Adachi would lead you to believe that she was confused but also appreciated the attention given. Especially since, while she has Nagafuji and Hino, she is a third wheel in what they have going on.

So I think with her taking note of Adachi’s advances, and knowing how Nagafuji and Hino operate, there is this part of her that wants to experience the closeness those two have. Hence her talking about Adachi as a bit of color in a gray world. For as much as Shimamura has access to people, I think she feels people don’t necessarily put extensive effort into being close to her. At least in a way that feels meaningful to her.

On The Fence

Tarumi Lighting A Fire Under Adachi’s Butt

Shimamura and Tarumi (Kayano Ai) as Tarumi leaves Nagafumi's family store
Shimamura and Tarumi (Kayano Ai)

Do we ever enjoy love triangles? No. Is it even guaranteed that Tarumi will present herself beyond what Yashiro once did when it came to Shimamura? Not at all. However, Adachi’s possessiveness still hasn’t really been addressed. So there is the possibility that Tarumi will be used to force Adachi to admit her actual feelings rather than piecemeal how she feels.

Which, considering we are halfway through the season, speeding things up a bit isn’t the worst that could happen. Yet, seeing Adachi in anguish over thinking she lost Shimamura due to taking things slowly will be excruciating to watch.


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You Knowing There Could Be Reciprocated Feelings - 82%
Tarumi Lighting A Fire Under Adachi's Butt - 76%


While things have long been very cute, a little awkward, but slow, a new character may create a sense of urgency that could bring about a pace to give us a proper ending.

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