91 Days is perhaps the most compelling anime I’ve seen in a while. Be it because it isn’t focused on a bunch of kids or teens or isn’t in some foregone era or way in the future, If anything, it might just be because it seems like your general HBO show in animated form. Which, for some reason, it intrigues me and though I’m cautious about the idea of taking on any new programs episode by episode, I must admit I’m tempted with this one.

Stick Around

Trigger Warning(s):
Gun Violence | Blood | Violence Against Women

Main Plot (with Commentary)

It’s the prohibition era. Two friends, who call each other brothers, Angelo and Corteo, are in the bootlegging business. Well, Corteo surely is, and Angelo, after disappearing out of his life for a while, seems to be now helping his would-be brother. Problem is, Corteo has no interest in working for the mob, since they killed his mom, dad, and little brother. So, that causes issues. Yet, it maybe Angelo who makes things worse. The distant, and a bit strange, young man seems well skilled at combat, and has a thing for confrontation, no matter how cool, calm, and collected he may sometimes seem. So with these two, an almost doe minded Corteo and thirst for blood Angelo joining up with this man named Nero Vanetti, a troublemaker who has a thirst for money, it seems Corteo’s bootlegging business is about to become more than just a way to survive – though whether he can survive enough to enjoy any forthcoming money is up in the air.

Now, as for the “Stick Around” rating, well while this anime is likable it doesn’t blow you away. It seems like a more polished version of Gangsta. However, the characters just aren’t the type which really grab hold of you. Angelo, as violent as he is, he is a quiet and brooding character. One which doesn’t try to catch your attention, but gets it solely when he does something violent. Corteo is almost the opposite. Almost because he doesn’t do anything to really catch your attention. What makes you remember him is his backstory dealing with seeing the murder of his family at the hands of the Orco mob. Then when it comes to Nero, he is in disguise for most of the time we see him and even with his grand reveal, he didn’t really tickle me. Hence the “Stick Around” rating for the foundation is good, it just isn’t overwhelming.


Collected Quote(s)

Friendship is a more reliable tool than a knife.

— “Day 1: The Night of the Murder.” 91 Days

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