Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 5 The Snorpion - Cyrus and Andi

Relationships change people and with dating Jonah comes Andi trying to be an understanding person when it comes to Amber. Meanwhile, Buffy too is trying to understand TJ. Previous Recap: Episode 4 “Mama” Network Disney Channel Director(s) Eyal Gordin Writer(s) Erin Dunlap The Wall: TJ, Buffy, Cyrus Being that this is the first real team…

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Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 5 The Snorpion - Cyrus and Andi

Relationships change people and with dating Jonah comes Andi trying to be an understanding person when it comes to Amber. Meanwhile, Buffy too is trying to understand TJ.

Previous Recap: Episode 4 “Mama”

Disney Channel
Director(s) Eyal Gordin
Writer(s) Erin Dunlap

The Wall: TJ, Buffy, Cyrus

Being that this is the first real team sport Buffy has played, TJ’s immaturity seems to be threatening what honestly seems like progress. But you can’t just blame him. TJ’s teammates are going along with it and the coach is co-signing through silence. Yet, it seems like Andi, Jonah’s influence, combined with Cyrus’ nature, pushes Buffy to try to make nice. However, TJ just doesn’t want Buffy on the team. And it isn’t like she is struggling to get into the mindset to be a team player or isn’t good at basketball. For reasons still not clear, besides him just not wanting a girl on his team, he wants her to quit.

Giving Amber A Chance: Amber, Andi, Buffy, Jonah, Bex

It has been established that Andi is a nice person, but she isn’t that much of a going out of her way nice person. She is just a less abrasive Buffy you know? Like how Buffy is with Cyrus, that is Andi’s default setting. Yet, with Jonah around, she is sort of adapting to him. Plus, while Andi was brought up in a rather strict environment, it was also one very secure and loving. So perhaps it would be better to say that Andi isn’t so much adapting to how Jonah is, but he is bringing parts of her out she doesn’t show to everyone.

Andi Mack - Buffy

Of which, she decides to show to Amber. Which, at first, doesn’t go too bad. She gets to talk with her, get to know about her parents fighting, dad losing her job, and how him lying has really made a mess of things, and then she gets invited over for a sleepover. One in which, strangely, Bex doesn’t know about till it happens nor does she call Amber’s folks to make sure it is okay. But, one thing is for sure, like Buffy, Bex isn’t the most trusting of the situation.

For good reason too. Since, while the girls start off sort of awkward with one another, but find dressing up is something they have in common, Amber eventually screws over Andi. You see, they sneak into this amusement park, which Amber supposedly goes into after hours a lot, and she leaves Andi at the top of a Ferris wheel. All because she wants Andi to admit she stole Jonah from her. But, before Andi could even lie and say what Amber wants to hear to get down, the cops come.

Co-Parenting & Life Progress: Amber, Andi, Jonah, Bex, Bowie

Andi Mack - Bex

Leading to Bowie and Bex picking her up and while they are mad, at the same time they don’t wanna be hypocrites either. After all, Bex more so feels a certain type of way about not being invited vs. Andi being picked up by the cops. But, thanks to all the work Bex has been doing to get her cosmetology license, she has gotten really good at making people look like they’ve been in an accident. So, to get back at Amber, Bex makes up Andi to look like she tried getting down from the ferris wheel on her own and Amber genuinely seems to feel bad. Buffy calls BS, but that is what Buffy does.

But to show Jonah’s influence hasn’t fully penetrated Andi, she pulls a Buffy on Amber. That is, embracing Jonah closely, in Amber’s face, and rubbing it in that he is now her boyfriend.

Leaving one last thing worth noting: The possibility of Bowie and Bex. Something that Bex may seem unsure about, because of how Bowie was and the trauma her ex left her with, but through co-parenting, it seems they found what they enjoyed about each other again. So maybe, just maybe, it won’t just be their shared love of Andi which keeps them in each other’s lives, but maybe they’ll rediscover their love for each other through Andi.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Does Amber’s mom work?
  2. So we’re not going to see Bex and Bowie make up after she basically embarrassed him in front of her family?
  3. Who was Amber going to this Ferris wheel with before?
  4. So, again, Amber has no friends in high school at all? What about that group she was in? Why are they not brought up?
  5. Anyone else low-key feel TJ and Buffy will end up kissing? I can foresee some weird thing going on between them.
  6. Um, where was Marty during Buffy’s game? Much less her dad who I’ve been dying to see?!



While it isn’t clear if Bex may remain firm and not get back with Bowie, though the way the episode ended said otherwise, it is nice to see them co-parent. Especially in a way in which they don’t come off like Ham and CeCe. They seemingly are a genuine team and Bowie isn’t just there to co-sign. Plus, it was quite cute to see them talk about the situation after Andi was sent to her room and they have a family day thereafter.

Hopefully, whether they end up together or not, they can keep up the way the relationship is now. At least for Andi’s sake.


Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 5 The Snorpion - Amber

Though it may seem weird to say, I like Amber’s growth this season. Her parents breaking apart, her becoming more central to the story, and us getting to really see her layers. She, in the first season, you had to dig a little bit to get her. Now, it is all out on the table. Her parents are arguing and not knowing what may happen has left her a little bit insecure. To the point she felt the need, or was coerced, to get a job.

On top of that, she is a high school girl who seemingly has no high school friends. Her exes dumped her, she has no girlfriends, and so she resorts to hanging out and dating middle schoolers. Of which seem to be the most understanding people she knows. Also, despite her being older, show her what it means to be mature. Jonah especially for the stuff that dude has put up with and yet he still tries to be there for her? You can only hope more guys see Jonah and break up with their girlfriends when it becomes clear that if they don’t, they won’t even have their friendships anymore.

Bex Making Something Out Of Herself

Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 5 The Snorpion - Bex and Bowie

Bex finally getting serious about her makeup is so important. Especially in showing the parents who may watch this show with their kids that it is never too late. But with her getting her license comes the question of what is next for her? Will she try to open a shop, join someone else’s, could there be some kind of opportunity for her to go on the road and then there is the question of what to do about Andi? An idea I bring up because, more than likely, Bex was networking while out there on the road. So would it not seem likely someone would hit her up and give her a job on the road? Leading to Bex having a serious conflict between what might be best for her life, and in extension Andi, vs. what Andi may immediately need and her maybe feeling abandoned – again?

On The Fence

TJ’s Reason

I’m really trying to see something beyond sexism here but I don’t think that’s possible. Unless they throw in some nonsense about how TJ’s parents never come to his games so he doesn’t want Buffy stealing his shine. Which, considering we don’t see Buffy’s parents either, maybe what connects them. For I really just can’t see this purely being some, “I don’t want a girl on the team because, ew.” There has to be something deeper.

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  1. I felt like Andi was a little harsh to Amber. She clearly wants to change but it may take some time to do so. I also find it interesting that it’s only AFTER her relationship with Jonah ended that she was nicer. And now it seems like Andi’s own mean streak is showing now that she’s dating Jonah. As for Bex and Bowie, they seem to be getting along a little too well. Could this be a sign that there may be some conflict ahead? Bowie was definitely hurt by Bex’ s rejection and they’re bound to address that at some point hopefully. Especially since them getting along could lead to Andi once again thinking they may reunite. Just figured I’d share some thoughts. Always enjoy reading your reviews!

    1. I honestly think all of what Buffy is saying is getting to Andi and making her just a little bit insecure. Plus, it’s her first relationship and it isn’t like it is Jonah’s first too. He dated a high school girl and who knows who else before that.

      But let’s be real, is Andi really being harsh when Amber had her trapped on a Ferris Wheel trying to force a confession out of her? Much less, ran once she heard cops?

      As for Bex and Bowie, it is so hard to tell if Bex’s ceremony with Andi may have given her the closure she needed to be with Bowie. But, from what it seems, it isn’t just a trust issue but also Bowie being consistent. Him being the kind of guy she needs when things aren’t all fun and games. Which he exhibited with showing up when Andi was taken by the cops. So, fingers crossed for them ^_^

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