Overview As we encroach slowly on the freak show’s end, we lose one act and gain another. Also, Dandy claims another victim as Regina comes to visit. Topic 1: We’re Not Going To Take It! – Desiree Topic 2: A Bed Time Story – Elsa Topic 3: Goodbye Mother – Dandy & Jimmy Review (with…

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As we encroach slowly on the freak show’s end, we lose one act and gain another. Also, Dandy claims another victim as Regina comes to visit.

Topic 1: We’re Not Going To Take It! – Desiree

Topic 2: A Bed Time Story – Elsa

Topic 3: Goodbye Mother – Dandy & Jimmy

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: We’re Not Going To Take It! – Desiree

With Ma Petite officially dead, what happens in topic 2, and then the Penny situation, it seems Desiree decides she wants to be proactive and protect her fellow female freaks, if not get revenge. So, since Penny is still a bit upset over what her father did, they decide to tar and feather him. They also planned to kill him too, after cutting off his dick, but then Esmeralda stops them from going so far.


Outside of the speech in which Angela Basset relates how freaks like her, or perhaps women like her, are always on the outside peering in to privileges people like Maggie Esmeralda get, there isn’t much here. I mean, with Penny’s dad tarred and feathered, you have to wonder if there is a consequence there. After all, Ethel’s doctor’s death didn’t lead to much, but I’m sure it will be kept in mind. So, does this mean this is but another nail in the freak show’s coffin, or just another thing they maybe associated with, but it doesn’t lead to any trouble for them?

Topic 2: A Bed Time Story – Elsa & Ethel

With Ma Petite gone, and Ethel thinking Elsa had her killed since she was getting the spotlight, she goes to off her [1]. But, before her slaying, Elsa is shot in the leg and it is revealed she is a freak. Thus leading to the story of how she got her legs thanks to Massimo Dolcefino (Danny Huston[2]). However, even after revealing herself as one of the freaks, Ethel still wants her dead for she broke her heart. However, being that there is so much more for Elsa to do, she uses a knife and throws it right into Ethel’s head.


With Elsa’s sole ally gone, it makes you wonder if Desiree’s little freak troupe may rise up against her now? Much less, who is going to cook and be the mother to everyone? For if there is one thing Ethel really did for the freak show, it was present order and a sense of calm. For, in my opinion, all Elsa was good for was recruiting and doing the accounting and marketing. As for actually managing the freaks, the more she spoke the more she upset someone or made them want to leave. So with her gone, especially the way she went, allegedly, it makes you wonder how many poles are left before the big tent collapses onto itself?

Topic 3: Goodbye Mother – Dandy & Jimmy

When it comes to Ethel, Elsa has Stanley help her cover up the murder by making it look like a suicide. One in which she wrapped a chain around a tree, broke the back window of a car, got into the front seat, wrapped the chain around her neck, then sped off until her head popped off. No one questions her suicide since they knew she was sick, but Elsa’s overreaction surprisingly doesn’t lift eyebrows. But still, with his mother gone Jimmy is a wreck. To the point he pushes Maggie away for the new girl, a obese young lady named Barbara (Chrissy Metz) who gets renamed “Ima Wiggle.”

As for Dandy? Well, Regina has come to town for she wants to see her mother but, once more, Gloria gives her the run around while trying to get Dandy into therapy. Thing is, he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like it at all, but will make a deal: Kill Regina, and I’ll go to therapy for a month. Something Gloria isn’t capable of so she instead plans a trip to Europe, one which Dandy wasn’t for and with his mom turning on him he puts a gun to his head. Though with her not wanting to kill himself, he kills her instead and, seemingly, takes a bath in her blood.


You know, usually when a show takes a week off it feels like just what you need to remind you of why you like the series. I can’t say that about this episode though. For it remains to be such a disappointment. For even with Ethel’s death, and Gloria’s, I find myself just hunching like “was that supposed to be shocking? And I think the main issue is that what reason did we have to take an interest in Gloria? Much less with Ethel, what was she besides a sob story? There wasn’t someone there you wanted to root for and see live until the very end. No, she was just another sad freak who hated her life and was ready for it to end.

Making it where, for me, I don’t feel there can really be any sort of shock which can come from this season anymore. The horror element left with Twisty, and now all we have is Dandy who, yes, is a murderer, but doesn’t get past weird, and with everyone else, all you have are some of the weakest characters this series has ever had. For while each season had a gimmick, this season relies so heavily on its gimmicks it is more than a crutch, it is a frigging wheel chair. Leading me to wonder if the next season may end up better, or may lead to the end of the series?

Things To Note

[1] I should add, the twins are gone thanks to Ethel and are not in the episode. We’ll likely catch up with them next week though.

[2] Who played the axe murderer, and Fiona’s lover, last season.

It is revealed that Gloria’s father lost all of his money and she married, and procreated, with her twisted 2nd cousin to keep her lifestyle going. Hence why Dandy is so screwed up.

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