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American Horror Story: Freak Show/ Episode 6 “Bullseye” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As the freak show goes on, one of the actual freaks step out of the background.

Review (with Spoilers)

The season continues its decline and seems to not even desire to be seen as interesting. For as Dandy falls for the twins, Elsa deals with a sort of rebellion, and Dell and Desiree have the episode off, there isn’t much of interest here. Though with Stanley ready to take a body up north, and him having one freak in mind, here is hoping that “Bullseye” is one of the last disappointing episodes.

Topic 1: A Murder Plot – Stanley & Esmeralda

With Stanley still wooing Elsa, Esmeralda is expected to ready Jimmy to be seized and for his hands to be chopped off. However, since Esmeralda is falling for Jimmy, the plan changes to her murdering Ma Petite. Unfortunately for Stanley though, and Esmeralda in the future, she can’t go through with killing someone. So it seems she may just try to run away with Jimmy.


Because Esmeralda is such a disappointing character, and Evan Peters hasn’t been an interesting love interest to anyone really since the first season, if not Asylum, I need Stanley to kill someone. Not necessarily because I want blood and gore, but because the show just seems so damn complacent. Almost to the point that I can only hope having one dull episode after the next will lead to one hell of a mid-season finale.

Topic 2: Fun With The Twins – Dandy, Bette, and Dot

With the Mott family having the Siamese twins as guests, pretty much all Dot and Bette could ever want is offered to them. Dandy showers them with love and affection, they can have whatever food they want, and can roam the grounds as they please. However, as always, Dot is highly suspicious of things as Bette lives in an air of ignorance and bliss. Though it is Dot’s tongue, and journal, which ruin things for the twins. For between speaking on getting the split surgery, to talking bad about Danny in her journal, it seems between Jimmy maybe getting them back, to Dandy murdering them, one of the two are bound to happen.


Lord help me for Gabourey Sidibe is still not here and we remain stuck with not only the dull characters of Bette and Dot, but also the overacting of Finn Wittrock. And while I get American Horror Story is a campy show, I want to see Dandy get killed, hit by a shovel, or smacked in the face. Hell, I would probably stand up and clap if Gloria gave him a butt whooping. But, unfortunately, instead all that will happen is we will see him act like he has some sense, have a childish fit, him snap into some sort of serial killer mode, and then repeat.

As for the twins, I hope Stanley takes them out eventually. Though I don’t foresee that happening since Sarah Paulson, to my recollection, hasn’t really had her character die in the series. Sent to hell and back, but not die.

Topic 3: A Freak… In Love – Paul and Elsa

As Elsa birthday comes up, and the freaks question if she was involved with Better and Dot’s disappearance, we learn Elsa is sleeping with Paul. Not to the point of being in a secret relationship, but when Elsa needs a little something-something, it seems Paul is her go to guy. Issue is, Paul seemingly wants a relationship. Something he may get from Penny, if he lives.

For, you see, Paul has been spreading rumors about Elsa being involved in the twins’ disappearance, and also Elsa learned that he has been sleeping with other women. So, after her calling out her freaks and damning them for questioning her, she asks for one to get on this spinning wheel of which she would throw knives at them. Proving that, despite what they said, they trust her. Leading to Paul getting on the board and having one knife hit him somewhere around the left side of his abdomen, somewhere around where his kidney could be pierced. Leaving Paul knocking on heaven’s door, as Elsa fakes calling a doctor, and Ethel being the only one to celebrate Elsa’s birthday with her. But, as Elsa has her cake, Ethel warns her that if she learns Elsa has lied and betrayed her loyalty in anyway, she will kill her with her bare hands.


As I said before, I am continuously growing to understand why Jessica Lange wished to tap out after this season. For with Elsa, I see all the build, and three great characters she played, getting shadowed by this rather terrible one. For, despite my dislike for the Asylum season, at the very least Lange was a silver lining. With this season though, I don’t think it is just Elsa who is exasperated. Lange also seems tired and wanting to move on, but seemingly her contract wouldn’t let her so she is just dialing it in so she can move on to bigger and better things.

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