Two characters die this episode, can you guess which ones?

Trigger Warning(s): Grotesque Imagery

Review (with Spoilers)

Consider me a bit shocked when it comes to who dies this episode, especially what happens after. Mostly because what happens in “Edward Mondrake (Part 2)” seems like it should have been saved for a midseason finale. Thus leading me to hope this won’t be the peak of the season, but just one giant leap with the top of the mountain still on the horizon.

For more on the episode, look below.

Topic 1: In Search Of Sins & Grief – Elsa & Edward Mondrake


As Mondrake searches for the perfect freak to take with him, he speaks to the man with the shortened arms, who feels he would have lived the perfect life if it wasn’t for them; the woman without legs, who lost them when she was 2 and then had to deal with her parents’ abandonment; and then Elsa.

With Elsa we learn of how she came to lose her legs. A story which doesn’t deal with disease, but the fall of an empire and her becoming a casualty. For, you see, Elsa had to become a dominatrix to survive. But with one client wanting for her to be solo, and drugging her before they started, she ended up losing her legs due to a chainsaw. The only plus, in Elsa’s eyes, is the tape of her losing her legs spread around central and eastern Europe and made her a star of sorts.


With Ethel’s backstory, as well as Dell’s to a point, covered, it is nice to know a bit more about the Elsa’s character and two of the freaks. Especially since, at the end of the day, the actors playing the freaks need the screen time so that this doesn’t end up being the peak of their careers before possibly ending up in a slew of terrible horror movies. For, when you think about it, the lesser known actors unfortunately have this “freak” label applied to them in their daily lives. So any opportunity for them to show that they are more than a novelty act, I’m sure they are quite grateful for. Especially since it seems hard enough for non-white cis gender people to get quality roles, so imagine how insanely difficult it is for them to get roles of substance.

That thought aside, I was really hoping Elsa was going to get taken by Edward. If just because this is perhaps my least favorite of Lange’s characters and I just want to see her die. No peaceful exit, no getting what she wants, I want someone to take her out. Something which hopefully happens as the freaks realize she doesn’t give a damn about them.

Topic 2: The Simple Clown Who Became Twisty – Twisty & Edward Mondrake


In the episode we learn Twisty was once a normal clown. He was beloved by children, worked for a circus, and was less off-putting than what he is now. However, with some little people he worked with getting jealous, they decided to ruin his career by spreading rumors he was a pedophile. Something which Twisty never got over and it led him to becoming the man he is today [1].

Now, as for his MO [2], well he decided to kidnap children from mean and nasty parents, grab a babysitter, and then keep them in his bus where they could be kept safely. Leaving us with Edward noting how after all the tales he has heard, Twisty’s is the first that made the demon feel sorrow. So, with that said, Twisty ends up joining Edward’s circle of freaks. Thus leaving Dandy all alone.


I’m quite sad to see Twisty go, but at the very least he was given a good send off. For while past season serial killers were sort of bland, at the very least Twisty was interesting. Also, and perhaps this is strange to say, but ultimately I felt sorry for him. Not to say I condone what he did, but out of the majority of the characters ever introduced in this series, strangely Twisty seems like one of the few whose backstory really packed a punch. And I’m including Ethel’s when I say that.

Topic 3: Wherever There Is Light, There Is Also A Shadow – Jimmy & Dandy


With Twisty gone, it leaves Dandy to pick up the slack. Something he seems glad to do as he puts on Twisty’s old mask. For, with the mask on, he gains this confidence he didn’t have before. One which enables him to kill Dora, and possibly give him the ability to kill others.

As for Jimmy and Esmeralda? With Jimmy and Esmeralda freeing the kidnapped kids, and Esmeralda giving Jimmy all the credit, he has become a local hero. In fact, he has become such a hero that not only do people come to the freak show, in masse, but they hug and interact with the freaks. Something Elsa capitalizes on in order to not only get a full house, but also reinstate herself as a star [3].


With the freaks becoming accepted, for now, it seems most of the drama is going to be involving Dell. Whether it is Dell and Elsa’s power struggle; it being revealed he is Jimmy’s dad; or the murder he committed catching up to him, I can see his role becoming prominent. Which hopefully will mean Bassett gaining a meatier role in the process. Alongside side that, we also have the Better and Dot drama which will be between their heads, Elsa, as well as Esmeralda getting too close to Jimmy.

Thus leaving our villains: Stanley and Dandy. Both who are likely to kill someone in the near future, but us being unsure who will become their first victim.

Things To Note

  1. In the flashback, Twisty comes off like Lennie in Of Mice and Men.
  2. The reason why Twisty wears that mask is because, due to him trying to commit suicide by shotgun, he pretty much blew most off his lower jaw and his teeth out.
  3. With Twisty found dead, the curfew is lifted. Also, Stanley comes to town, masquerading as a Hollywood agent, so it seems about time for him to appear.
  4. If what I read on Wikipedia is right, with Dora’s death means Gabourey Sidibe should be coming soon for Dora’s funeral arrangements.

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