A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder: Season 1 – Storyline Recap

Emma Myers as Pip A Good Girls Guide To Murder directed by Dolly Wells 2024 BBC 241 scaled

Wanna know or catch up on what happened in season 1 of “A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder” on BBC Three and soon on Netflix? Check out our season recap (and expect spoilers).

Storyline: What Happened to Andie Bell?

Who Was Involved: Andie, Sal, Elliot, Max, Naomi, Dan, Becca

Andie Bell Missing Persons Poster A Good Girls Guide To Murder directed by Dolly Wells 2024 BBC 299 scaled
Andie Bell Missing Persons Poster

The short version of the long story is Elliot and Andie got into a fight after he refused to give her 5,000 pounds. She got injured when Elliot shoved her, and while she was able to make it home, after Becca learned that Andie sold the drugs Max used to assault her, Becca shoved Andie, and after she is shoved, Andie falls and chokes on her blood – that’s how she died. On top of that, Becca hid the body seemingly at a site where a Calamity party was, down a well, hence why no one found it for five years – only Becca and Andie knew of the well.

To give the long version, Andie wanted out of Little Kilton for reasons not gone into. She dealt drugs to get her money up and was even working with Sal to craft a plan for them to run away together. In addition to dealing drugs for a local dealer named Howie, she was going to blackmail Elliot, who she briefly dated (she was underage), to get money. Sal was never for Andie dealing drugs, for he lived a predominately clean and clear life. However, Andie was about doing what it took to get what she wanted.

But, in pursuit of trying to get that money from Elliot, they fought verbally, and then things got physical. Somewhere in Elliot’s twisted mind, he thought maybe they could reconcile, but Andie moved on. The back and forth led to him pushing her and her hitting her head on the counter. It wasn’t fatal, but it gave her the type of concussion that should have been looked at by a doctor.

Fast forward some time, and Andie makes it back home and learns Becca was just assaulted by Max with the drugs Andie sold him. She is more worried about getting in trouble than what happened to Becca, so she is shoved again, but she doesn’t survive this one, and she ends up suffocating on her bodily fluids.

Becca watched her sister die and took her body to this well Andie showed her that is in the caves where the Calamity parties happen. She dumped her there and cleaned her hands of it.

Storyline: What Happened To Sal Singh?

Who Was Involved: Sal, Andie, Elliot, Naomi, Becca, Max, Jake, Dan

Rahul Pattni as Salil 'Sal' Singh looking for Andie and asking Pip if she saw her
Rahul Pattni as Salil ‘Sal’ Singh

Elliot didn’t know about Becca’s part in Andie’s body disappearing, so all signs pointed toward him. With that in mind, he took advantage of knowing his daughter, Naomi, with Max and Jake, were involved in a hit and run. Max coerced Dan to cover it up since Max knew Dan and Andie had a thing (Andie was involved in multiple age-inappropriate relationships before Sal). Elliot read Naomi’s diary, detailing what happened, since she was acting strange, and with knowing what they did, Elliot forced his daughter and her friends to remove themselves from being Sal’s alibi.

This leads most to assume that Sal killed himself due to the guilt of killing Andie. The truth is, however, that Elliot killed Sal. He drugged him, suffocated him, and sent the text to Sal’s dad, which has been used as Sal’s confession. Because Sal was already under investigation, Sal’s text ended any investigation and kept Elliot from gaining any suspicion.

Storyline: Who Was Sending The Threatening Text Messages, Notes, and Killed Barney?

Who Was Involved: Pip, Becca, Elliot, Max

When it comes to the threatening notes, we know Elliot handled the physical notes. Pip uses his printer history to find that. It is a bit more challenging regarding the text messages. Max and Becca both had a lot to lose if Pip learned the truth and when it comes to Barney, it is pushed that Becca killed him, as Elliot was out of town with his girls. But, Max is the likely culprit for the text messages since Becca, even when she is trying to kill Pip, after confessing and showing Pip what happened to her sister, doesn’t call Pip a B-word. Max, however, uses that language consistently.

Storyline: Why Was Victor At The Ivy House Hotel?

Who Was Involved: Victor, Leanne

Gary Beadle as Victor Amobi A Good Girls Guide To Murder Season 1 Episode 4 directed by Dolly Wells 2024 BBC 168 scaled
Gary Beadle as Victor Amobi checking in on Pip

Despite appearances, Victor did not have an affair or contemplated one. His issue was that he grew up with an idea of what was required for the perfect life, and while he had family and financial stability, he was unhappy. So, he thought it was his family making him unhappy, as two kids can be a lot to deal with and the shifting priorities of a partner. However, after leaving for a short period, he realized he missed his kids and Leanne, and his job was making him miserable.

Honorable Mentions

Do Pip and Ravi Get Together?

Yes, they kiss in the season finale.

Do We Find Out Who Leaked Nat’s Nudes?

We never learn the answer to that question.

What Happened To Pip’s Biological Dad?

We’re told that he died around the time Pip was one year old, but of what and why isn’t gone into.

Who Is Isla?

Isla Jordan is touted as a runaway that Elliot discovered at a bus stop, that he took to his old house, that Naomi and Cara thought was sold, and he kept her there. However, at first, he was as nice as he appeared and just gave her a place to stay the night. But, like many on the show, he decided to confess to something, how he killed Sal, and then locked her up in the attic – where she stayed until Pip’s investigation.

Potential Storylines

Taking Down Max Hastings

Henry Ashton as Max Hastings forcing Pip to drink to get answers to her questions
Henry Ashton as Max Hastings

If there is a second season, the main storyline has to be Pip taking down Max and potentially his family.

Senior Year

Pip and her friends are juniors going on seniors in the show, so their final year could be focused on, giving Pip time to experience prom, and Cara to pursue her relationship with Ruby. The season could also build up Pip and Cara’s friends, who aren’t noted below or in the character guide, for they don’t contribute much to the main stories.

Naomi With Primary Custody

With Cara and Naomi’s mom dead and dad in prison, that would mean Naomi would need to have custody of Cara, and that would mean something would have to change for her. It’s established in season one that she is struggling to find a job, so unless she gets one, it could mean another shift in their lives.

Meeting Jake

Jake is seemingly still alive but doesn’t appear in the present day at all in season 1. So, him coming back to visit, potentially being involved in Max’s storyline, could happen.

Nat’s Nudes

While it isn’t clear if Nat could return in season two, there is always the chance she could due to her connection to Cara through tennis. Add in Max seems like the type who probably leaked her nudes, in retaliation to Dan not doing as told, she could potentially get justice in season 2.

Pip and Ravi

Zain Iqbal as Ravi Singh being followed by Pip who wants to ask him about Sal
Zain Iqbal as Ravi Singh

A lot could be explored with Ravi being Pip’s first boyfriend and her partner in crime fighting. From her learning what it takes to be in a relationship, reconciling cultural differences, and trying to balance any case she takes on with school and the possibility of a job, Pip could grow up quite a bit. Then, with Ravi, being that his life was on pause for so long, he now has to catch up regarding school and work and have a relationship with a girl a few years younger than him.

Add in Ravi is aware of how their community looks at him and his family, especially in terms of ethnic mixing, this could lead to some conflicts and conversations regarding interracial relationships. This could reveal how Leanne and Victor met and what helped them through their cultural differences.

Episode Information

Episode 1

Director(s)Dolly Wells
Writer(s)Poppy Cogan
Characters and Cast
Pippa (Pip) Fitz-AmobiEmma Myers
Andie BellIndia Lillie Davies
Salil (Sal) SinghRahul Pattni
Ravi SinghZain Iqbal
Cara WardAsha Banks
Naomi WardYasmin Al-Khudhairi
Max HastingsHenry Ashton
Young PipKitty Anderson

Episode 2

Director(s)Dolly Wells
Writer(s)Poppy Cogan
New Characters and Cast
Emma HuttonGeorgia Arron
Nat Da SilvaJessica Webber
Dan Da SilvaJackson Bews

Episode 3

Director(s)Dolly Wells
Writer(s)Ruby Thomas
Characters and Cast
HowieThomas Gray
Ruby FoxcroftOrla Hill
Becca BellCarla Woodcock

Episode 4

Director(s)Tom Vaughan
Writer(s)Zia Ahmed, Poppy Cogan
Characters and Cast
Victor AmobiGary Beadle
Leanne Fitz-AmobiAnna Maxwell Martin

Episode 5

Director(s)Tom Vaughan
Writer(s)Poppy Cogan, Ajoke Ibironke
Characters and Cast
Elliot WardMathew Baynton
Josh AmobiKamari Loyd

Episode 6

Director(s)Tom Vaughan
Writer(s)Poppy Cogan
Characters and Cast
Jesse WalkerOliver Wickham
Jason BellMatthew Chambers
Isla JordanGeorgia Lock

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