A Discovery of Witches: Season 1/ Episode 7 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Diana returns home to Sarah and Emily to understand her past as each sect of the congregation prepares for their future.

Sky One
Director(s) Sarah Walker
Writer(s) Sarah Dollard
Air Date 10/26/2018
Introduced This Episode
Rebecca Sophia Myles
Steve David Newman

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Free Of Outside Influence: Agatha, Hamish, Juliette, Gerbert, Domenico, Baldwin

With her heavily invested in Sophie, as well as the rise of demonkind, Agatha is making sure to bolster her position and people in case of fallout. Leading to, naturally, her seeking out Hamish. For he may not just be the most powerful demon but maybe one of most powerful of the creatures thanks to his place in the human world. So, even though it is a risk, she seeks his support for if Sophie delivers a healthy child, it seemingly will dispel so much thought about when it comes to demons.

And speaking of dispelling of old thoughts, it seems Juliette may try to truly be free from whatever spell Gerbert has on her. Be it Domenico’s influence or just Juliette having no desire to get into serious trouble with Baldwin, she doesn’t back him up when it is questioned of where and what he was doing during Satu’s time in or near his castle.


Juliette leaving Gerbert behind.

If I was to be completely honest, the characters of this topic are probably the ones I care about the least for it often felt like they were just there. The whole demon part of this show has never been pushed in such a way you felt the need to really invest in Agatha, Nathaniel, much less Sophie. Even with her speaking of a purpose and maybe playing into the prophecy that Meridiana has repeated nearly every scene we’ve seen her in.

But, it could just be, in the next, and final episode of the season, the often benched demons may find themselves front and center. The ones to watch as witches and vampires are put on the defense and the power balance is no longer in either of their favor. Which seems very likely for both are dealing with dissension in their ranks. For vampires, Matthew’s antics, alongside Domenico’s and Juliette’s has shown they have no real loyalty to anyone but themselves. They’ll even have each other question the purpose of why they defend something which barely benefits their person. Then for witches, well, their issues are our next topic.

Understanding Who Is Friend or Foe: Peter, Satu, Domenico, Baldwin

For quite some time, there has been the argument that, between witches and vampires, one of the two would ultimately dominate the other and the congregation. Many times Peter has come close to witches being placed in a position of prominence, only for it to be stolen from him. So, as you can imagine, Satu damaging his abilities to push things forward hurts. Yet, with strength being in numbers, he can’t bring himself to hurt her or turn her in. Instead, he admits to some of his wrongdoing in the past and lets her leave.

Unfortunately for her, Domenico runs into her and seemingly gets to lock her up as Gerbert once did Meridiana – just with her head still intact with her body. Leading to him speaking to Baldwin and you thinking an arrangement would be made. After all, Satu did trespass on his family land. Yet, Domenico seemingly wants leverage for something bigger which may come down the line. For, lest we forget, Domenico belongs to neither Baldwin nor Gerbert’s family. So, just to bolster his rank, become more than an errand boy, he has to use Satu for all she is worth.


Peter Knox.

I wonder what it is Domenico truly wants. Does he desire Baldwin’s seat or maybe something more? He has always seemed like a snake but with him trying to evolve into a dragon comes the question of whether it is for self-serving reasons or him, like many, being tired of Baldwin’s family making a mockery of things? But, with him holding Satu, I don’t think he realizes he’ll just be another cause for this impending war which surely will break out in the second season. For I’m sure Peter would rather the congregation punish Satu, if it not handled internally vs. Baldwin torturing her. Plus, while we often speak of war between witches and vampires, there comes the question of whose side would demons take?

Neither vampires nor witches have taken much note of Agatha and her people. Baldwin even accuses her of hiding something. So would they sit the fight out or join a side in hopes of becoming #2? If not setting up their own betrayal to finally sit at the top? Though the politics of the show haven’t been the most interesting, you must admit the pending failure of an internal or cross-species negotiation has you waiting for someone to snap.

The Past, The Present, And A Unsure Future: Matthew, Diana, Emily, Sarah, Peter, Rebecca, Steve

There so much to unpack here. If you recall, Peter had a thing for Rebecca in the past and part of the reason for that is she had the type of ambition where witches could have dominated the congregation. However, upon meeting Peter, those ambitions were put aside and seemingly Knox has been upset ever since. She wasted her potential for some warlock who may have been powerful, based on his ability to time jump, but was not trying to further the witch’s cause at all.

Yet, being that Knox was persistent in trying to tip the power scale, it seems the reason Diana was spellbound was to make sure Knox didn’t know how powerful she was and perhaps use her as a weapon. Try to attempt to mold her so that, when the time comes, be it war or negotiation, her powers, similar to that of an old witch, would put others on the defense. Problem is, when Diana was spellbound it was done in such a way where it wasn’t permanent. Rather, it was done so she may not have had instant control of her powers but, if her life was threatened, or she was stressed out, they would activate. Hence what little sparks we have seen that have only gotten stronger since Matthew has been around.

Leading Diana to think Matthew was someone she needed to be and see, and her parents predicted this. Something which, arguably, is supported by a mirage of her mother appearing and her father leaving a page of ASHM 782 hidden behind a portrait. One that, Emily and Sarah’s living house, flings towards them. Thus making it seem, maybe there was more to Steve and Rebecca’s murder than we know. Especially taking note, once again, Steve had a love for time travel.


Juliette meeting Diana.

I should note, Peter did attempt to harm Steve and likely Rebecca as well. Using the spell we saw Satu use on Diana at that. Except, with Rebecca and Steve not having the same powers Diana has, they likely died during the inquisition. At least that is what you can draw from Satu’s accusation. Leading you to wonder, taking note of what we’ve heard about Rebecca and Steve, how powerful is Diana really? We see her teleport and fly this episode, also is in training to control her other abilities. So combine that with the knowledge of ASHM 782, could she lead to the rebirth of powerful witches? Maybe even be the key to vampires regaining the ability to sire on will through her and Matthew’s children?

I’m not sure on how the biology would work, only Sophie’s child may help explain all that, but could it be that inbreeding between fellow witches and diluting the blood with humans caused all the problems we hear about?


  1. Learning the reason behind Diana being spellbound as well as how Peter played a role in that and her parent’s deaths – allegedly.
  2. Diana and Matthews training sessions.
  3. All the politics between species and their internal issues.

On The Fence

  1. Diana is a bit over the top when it comes to her relationship with Matthew. Her romanticizing what her parents did because they knew she’d one day meet Matthew was a bit much.
  2. Juliette finally showing up to face off against Diana… let’s be real, Juliette doesn’t stand a chance.

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