Diana learns a secret which very well may change everything as Matthew figures a way to coerce Baldwin to his side. Network Sky One Director(s) Sarah Walker Writer(s) Charlene James Air Date 10/19/2018 Characters Introduced Meridiana Chloe Dumas Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from…

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Diana learns a secret which very well may change everything as Matthew figures a way to coerce Baldwin to his side.

Sky One
Director(s) Sarah Walker
Writer(s) Charlene James
Air Date 10/19/2018
Characters Introduced
Meridiana Chloe Dumas

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Trouble In Your Own Sect: Agatha, Nathaniel, Sophie

Agatha finally gets back to Sophie and ends up with quite a doozy. Her assumed demon daughter notes she has witch lineage. Meaning she is about to have a half witch, half demon grandchild. Which, with all this talk about what Diana and Matthew are doing, she didn’t know she was having people break the rules under her nose.

Yet, it is her grandchild and it seems Agatha cares more about her family than the congregation. Also, to aid Sophie in this need to meet Diana, she reveals her name unto her. The rest, well that is up to Sophie to figure out.


Nathaniel trying to get his mother on his side about the threat to his child.
Nathaniel: She’ll be everything the Congregation fears and wants to destroy.

I’m expecting a war in season 2. Agatha is aiding her son and daughter-in-law in breaking the rules, then there is Diana and Matthew, which makes it seem very few care for tradition at this point. The youth don’t and with demons feeling isolated, and Nathaniel’s forum making it seem witches of their area aren’t as discriminatory as the ones we’ve met, it appears the congregation may need new leadership. Especially if it wishes to maintain having a prominent role in otherworldy being society.

Which may boost Agatha’s role and power beyond appearing like a figurehead. If not the happy token who is glad to be part of the room, even if they don’t get a seat at the table. But, at least in Agatha’s case, she is willing to report back what the masters say to prepare her skin and kin folk.

Only The Truth Shall Set You Free: Satu, Diana, Gerbert, Meridiana

Satu does her damndest to see and test Diana’s powers. However, Diana utterly refuses but is also unable to properly contest her. She can protect herself from Satu trying to dive into her mind, but as for really fighting back? She can’t do that. However, something does happen as Satu uses the kind of spells Peter told her not to. Which appears to lead to her losing her powers. Making her attempt to refuse Gerbert, her partner in crime for stealing Diana, futile as he locks her into a room.

Which may lead you to think Diana is in trouble, especially since she is trapped in a hole, but Gerbert wanders off and doesn’t take much note of her. This gives Satu a chance to get acquainted with Meridiana – the witch whose head has been in a box. Thanks to her, an old witch, from ancient times, Satu is able to seemingly absorb her magic and get her own back. This leads to her getting her freedom and rather than Satu continue to push Diana, she escapes as people come to Diana’s rescue.


Meridiana's (Chloe Dumas) head before being set on fire by Satu.
Meridiana (Chloe Dumas)

Satu adds onto the idea rebellion is imminent for while she is a good soldier, clearly she doesn’t care much for the congregation’s focus on balance or its politics. All she wants is answers and to confront those who have them. Which, with assumingly having Meridiana’s powers, a witch older than Peter, she can now push him for the truth. Perhaps even kill him if he doesn’t provide it.

For let’s be real, the more we see of Satu, the more we come to realize she isn’t the henchmen or soldier type. Like Matthew, unless the status quo and established systems benefit her, she will either ignore or fight against it. But there is the need to question how far would she go? Would she be willing to participate in a war or battle, or is her pursuit of the truth all she cares about?

Spellbound/ The Knights of Lazarus: Baldwin, Matthew, Diana

After the torture caused by Satu, which left an insignia branding on Diana’s back, she learns the following day she was spellbound. Now, what does it mean to be spellbound? Well, being spellbound was something done to witches who couldn’t control or abuse their powers to restrain them. Meaning, in the case of Diana, her powers were limited perhaps due to her potential. Now, as for who cast the spell? That isn’t revealed this episode.

However, there is the question of, with Baldwin assisting in Diana’s rescue, will he then bring her to the congregation? The answer is no. You see, Matthew inherited being the leader of the Knights of Lazarus. An order which swears loyalty to whoever is their acting leader and with Baldwin one of the knights, Matthew uses his position to trump Baldwin’s duties to the congregation.

Leading to Baldwin, instead, presenting a warning to all parties in Sept-Tour and noting he’ll redirect the congregation’s energy towards punishing Satu. But, it’s noted they will eventually get back to focusing on Diana and Matthew.


Diana questioning why was she spellbound?
Diana: Only witches who were mad were ever spellbound.

Who are the other members of the Knights of Lazarus is one of the questions we have to ask here. For with Baldwin making them seem disbanded, you have to wonder if he is one of the last members or not? Also, how binding is that oath since it underminds the congregation?

Also, without being spellbound, does this mean Diana is dangerous? Her powers before flared up mostly when under stress and for self-defense. What may happen now that her powers are potentially unlimited? We’ve seen witch’s wind and water, may we see other, more powerful, spells? The kind which would reveal the existence of witches and lead to Diana seemingly being the coming of the apocalypse?

But maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We have yet to see a witch that powerful and while Diana being that powerful would explain why her parents, or aunts, may have spellbound her, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be able to do so. Think about it: Matthew noted witches, like all creatures, are seemingly getting weaker. So if Diana was that powerful, how would witches, nowhere near her potential, be able to bind her powers?

So that leaves us questioning how long will the congregation focus on Satu and will she even allow herself to be confronted? Unlike the rest, Satu doesn’t come from some noble family. Alongside that, her mother taught her to fly when she was young, a power it seems only highly skilled witches have. So, with that in mind, what can the congregation do to her? Much less, upon her mention of Meridiana and Gerbert, would that not set off another scandal to rock the congregation? One which has long been rumored but now has been proven?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering the talk of how humans, demons, vampires, and witches are different species, how are they able to procreate with one another? Granted, I understand some species close enough in genes can make offspring but would said offspring be normal? Would they truly get the best of both worlds or would they be invalid? Much less, let’s say, gene-wise, they aren’t mad in some way, would they be able to reproduce?
  2. Taking note of that last comment, is part of the reason everyone’s powers, ability to sire, and etc perhaps coming from intermingling with humans or within covens for too many generations? Making it so, the only way to regain power, would be interspecies mixes?
  3. Considering how spotty Diana’s knowledge of witchcraft is, who taught her the reason a witch would be spellbound and why was it brought up before?
  4. Could Meridiana be related to Diana or should the whole name thing not be seen as a big deal?


  1. Diana learned she was spellbound and with her released from her binding, it means massive potential for new spells and the mystery of who bounded her.
  2. It being clear war between the different creatures only relies on someone’s secrets being revealed.

On The Fence

  1. With how much Sophie’s task is brought up, it better lead to something interesting because it is starting to get annoying hearing about it fairly often.

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  1. I found your recap of Episode 6 to be confusing and not very well written. You rambled on and on and I basically lost interest. Not trying to be rude, just a critique.

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