As it becomes more and more clear how powerful Diana is, it makes the congregation not just fearful of her but also Matthew’s influence over her. Network Sky One Director(s) Alice Troughton Writer(s) Charlene James Air Date 10/12/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from…

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As it becomes more and more clear how powerful Diana is, it makes the congregation not just fearful of her but also Matthew’s influence over her.

Sky One
Director(s) Alice Troughton
Writer(s) Charlene James
Air Date 10/12/2018

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Stirring Up Trouble: Gillian, Matthew, Nathaniel, Sophie

Despite what his mother said, and the rules in place to not have demons meet in large numbers, Nathaniel still has the meeting. One which may not lead to huge numbers, but is enough to require two tables in a restaurant to be combined. As this happens, Sophie speaks of yet another dream which calls for her to tell the truth. What truth exactly? Hard to say. All that is clear is she is growing tired waiting for Agatha and not speaking to Diana about what she believes is her destiny.

Meanwhile, over in Oxford, Matthew is investigating the break-in and while nothing was taken, he does pick up a scent – Gillian’s. Leading to him attacking her to feed off her memories and learn what was she doing and looking for. Leaving Gillian alive, but traumatized.


Gillian, after being assaulted by Matthew.

I feel like the only point in Matthew having a conversation with Gillian before attacking her was pushing the idea she was jealous of Diana. Outside of that, you already know you are in trouble Matthew, why make it worse? Especially if you have no plans to kill Gillian and dispose of the body? Letting her live allowed her to get to Sylvia, who then reports to Peter, and it helps provide evidence to the idea you are keeping Diana hostage. With your mother now helping.

But, as noted in the next topic, when Matthew isn’t in full control of himself, he can be reckless – if not plain old stupid. Which does lead to the need to question something about the Nathaniel situation: How much trouble will he be in? It was never said what the max number of demons in one place could be, but Nathaniel is definitely testing what his mother can do to protect him. Making it seem the sons in powerful families, even demons, like to take advantage of their positions.

Though, we can’t pass by Sophie still pressing to meet with Agatha and eventually Diana. Where is her piece of the puzzle in all this? What exactly will speaking to Diana, giving her that statue, do? Will it return her memories from a past life? Take her powers, maybe enhance them? There has to be more to her tale than we’ve been given and surely something more interesting than what is being hinted at.

Trying To Prevent The Inevitable: Ysabeau, Diana, Baldwin, Peter, Satu, Gerbert, Agatha

Ysabeau feeding on a fox.

While Ysabeau is trying her best to accept Diana, losing her family’s position, if not getting them killed, is not something she wants. So, to attempt to scare her, she shows how vampires hunt. Problem is, Ysabeau’s scare tactic is showing Diana how they hunt foxes. Something that doesn’t really inspire fear more so just seems cruel. Especially considering the strength and speed vampires have. Hence why the exhibition doesn’t work.

So, switching tactics, she tries to scare Diana by going into Matthew’s past. Mentioning his wife and child who died, the fact he hasn’t mated since their death and also, he committed suicide over the pain them dying caused. Which is what led to Ysabeau siring him – pity. On top of wanting a child since vampires can’t create biological ones, so it seems. Then, to add some icing, she mentions Matthew’s violent past. However, no matter what Ysabeau shows, hints to, or says, nothing seems to be able to convince Diana.

But, over in Italy, the congregation, for yet another day, is meeting and with word of Gillian’s attack reaching Peter’s ear, so comes an increased desire for Diana and Matthew to be brought in. Which leads to the desire of Agatha for a representative of each creature go, but Baldwin will have none of that. He doesn’t even want Gerbert on his family land. He says he’ll bring his brother himself to qualm all the infighting.

However, this doesn’t seem to satisfy Satu. So she speaks of doing an opening spell on Diana, which Peter isn’t for since none of them have the power or skill for that. Also, she brings up the idea of working with the vampires. Problem is, Domenico isn’t to be trusted and it is rumored Gerbert has a witch trapped, the one whose head is in a box we presume. So no quicker does the idea come up, it gets squashed.


There is going to come a point where Satu is going to get tired of Peter. I’m not sure what the trigger will be, but she will betray him. The only question I have is whether she will have back up. For just with the mention of partnering with the vampires means she is open to working with other creatures. So who is to say, considering Agatha was rather friendly in greeting her, she may not partner with the demons? Take out the vampires and there is no need to worry about a power balance because demons are weak unless in large numbers. So, keep them isolated, as they have been for a century, and you are the top being with no real threat to your power.

Though, of course, vampires won’t go down that easily. With a witch’s head in his possession, seemingly to tell the future, it seems Gerbert has been preparing for some kind of war for a long time. Especially with the witch speaking of some kind of light which will destroy vampires. Pushing the thought, could a lot of the traits vampires have been evolutionary? Like being able to walk in the light, absorb memories, or is that just how things always were?

The witch's head that Gerbert keeps.

Also, when it comes to that head, how is it surviving exactly? From what it seems, there is no body, so how is vampire blood keeping it in existence? For just looking at Matthew’s body, with his old scars from the 100 years war, it seems vampire blood is far from an instant, or rather quick, cure.

Together, Despite The Consequences: Juliette, Domenico, Diana, Matthew, Ysabeau

After a litany of warnings and threats, Diana and Matthew commit to one another. Which leads Ysabeau to accept her as her daughter and side with both of them against the congregation. Though, the congregation won’t be their only issue. Juliette still exists and with Domenico pointing her towards Diana’s direction, it seems Diana is going to get her first taste of what it is like to be on the other side of a vampire’s fury.


Diana in bed with Matthew.

They really need to step it up when it comes to Juliette. Is there any real reason to care about this girl? Are we to see her as a vampire Matthew sired, when he once considered maybe moving on from his wife, but did so on a whim? Then, when he decided to discard her, a rival family, in Gerbert’s, took her in? I mean, the only thing she can present right now is a reason for Diana to have second thoughts about Matthew. Which, honestly, I don’t think another woman could present at this point. She is sprung with nothing likely able to stop her.

Pushing the hope that, with Matthew committing to her, we’ll see more of Diana’s powers and her finally trying to control them. For if she is going to, with Matthew, take on the whole congregation, she cannot be timid about her powers. She’ll have to be a lethal force or she will know the meaning of mortality. That is, unless Matthew turns her into a vampire and she becomes a vampire witch?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How in the world did basic witch Gillian get into a secret vampire lab?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Diana was born August 13th, 1985
  • Ysabeau says Matthew is over 1500 years old.
  • Is there a witch’s fire spell too or is it just wind, water, and earth?


  1. The will they or won’t they of Matthew and Diana being together has been handled.
  2. We got to learn Matthew’s backstory.

Low Points

  1. Gillian is still alive.

On The Fence

  1. All this talk about getting Matthew and Diana and questioning them is getting old. We need some action.

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  1. Great reviews! Though this show is not as deep or serious as you make it seem. Lol. A lot of plot holes and flaws. But somehow, I still want to watch and see what happens. The romance is not so great, but I appreciate how Matthew Goode tries very hard to make us believe he’s a dangerous vampire who is in love. Teresa, however, just seems very wooden and she’s not that likeable at all.

    1. I think the problem with Teresa, like Kristen Stewart, is they try to play themselves in roles which aren’t made for people who act like them. And the thing is, they pick a lot of interesting productions to take part in but rarely does it feel like that role was made for them. Much less, they are willing to put in extra effort to prove themselves rather than just deliver what is expected.

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