On top of being an emotionally charged episode, it is also one which sets up a criminal unlike what we have ever seen on 9-1-1.

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On top of being an emotionally charged episode, it is also one which sets up a criminal unlike what we have ever seen on 9-1-1.

Aired (FOX) 5/2/2022
Directed By Juan Carlos Coto
Written By Juan Carlos Coto

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – Albert, Chim, Claudette, May, Sue

With his probationary period soon to end, Albert is questioning if he wants to remain a firefighter. He speaks to Chim about this, and the end result is Chim giving his blessing. For like so many in the episode, there is a question of whether what they do currently is what they are meant for and for Albert? Firefighting may not be his destiny. Though, for Chim, it does sadly mean his little brother potentially going back to couch surfing. That is unless he swaps places with Eddie.

But while Albert comes to terms with quitting with some heart-to-heart conversations, May potentially quitting her job could come from being tired of Claudette. The animosity goes beyond little barbs and venting sessions and leads May to blow up in the middle of the floor. This causes Sue to get involved, put both ladies in a time-out room, and hope they can work things out like adults.

When It All Burns Down – Claudette, May, Bobby

While stuck in the quiet room, a fire breaks out right under the room Claudette and May are in. But, unaware of it, the two find themselves talking, and while contentious as always at first, they find common ground. For example, Claudette believes May should go to college. Not to be out of her hair, but May says something highly intelligent, which impresses Claudette and pushes her to think that staying as a dispatch would be a waste of May’s youth and the greatness she sees in her.

That is the beginning of their relationship turning around, but what seals the deal is that May keeps cool while Claudette falls apart when the fire gets to their hallway and surrounds them. You see, earlier in her life, Claudette was in a fire and suffered scarring burns. Because of that, she is prepping to die while May’s will to live skyrockets. And it is because of her they are able to survive until Bobby arrives.

The 118 walking away from the dispatch building

Unfortunately, on the way out, the roof caves in on May and Bobby, but the 118 pull them out of the rubble. Thus leaving May and Claudette to solidify the 180 in their relationship once out of the building. Also, d Bobby learns his feelings for May are reciprocated, as she notes he is her dad as she rides in an ambulance with him to the hospital.

The Hero Complex – Hen, Jonah, Claudette, Karen

Sadly, while things were beautiful up to that moment, they went downhill quick. As Bobby tries to argue against getting an MRI at the hospital, despite a roof collapsing on top of him, Claudette is rushed in by Jonah and pronounced dead on the scene. This is shocking to Hen because she was the head of the triage, and Claudette was just fine an hour or less ago.

So with that in mind, when she gets home, she questions whether Jonah did something. Which, being the supportive wife she is, Karen adds her two cents regarding Hen never liking Jonah, and maybe this being why. Though without proof, Hen’s thoughts are simply a theory.

Things To Note

Taylor giving Lucy a talking to

  • Taylor lowkey threatens Lucy
  • Josh may have a new crush
  • Eddie joins the rescue and seems to renew his passion for firefighting, but it isn’t noted whether with the 118 or another house if he’ll get put back in action

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What caused the burns on Claudette’s back?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Rather than continue Hen’s storyline with becoming a doctor, they are going to dive into her catching Jonah in the act
  2. Eddie taking Jonah’s place on that other firefighters’ team




Season 5 has really been about pushing May to the forefront and having it so, whether the show ends or she leaves on her own accord, Corinne Massiah can have the kind of resume that will allow her a fruitful career. In this episode alone, she broke through the monotony of the storylines we usually get where they threaten a main character’s life, but because 9-1-1 does it every season, you feel the need to roll your eyes. For while she was never in any danger, the writers and Massiah, with Peter Krause and Vanessa Williams’ help, brought all kinds of emotions to 9-1-1.

I’m talking about, if you have been watching for a long time and built up a tolerance like I feel I have, this was the episode that got you crying. Claudette bonding with May and May talking her through her breakdown was an unexpected emotional experience. Bobby, considering how his biological family died, rushing in to save May, and us seeing how she reciprocates feelings of closeness with him? Again, tears.

Now, if you’ve been watching the show for a while, you know no one stays in the spotlight forever, but I will say, of those who can be rotated in and out, May has been given the best use of her time in the sun.

On The Fence

Some Of The Other Ongoing Plots

It’s hard to know how to feel about some of the other ongoing plots outside of May’s. Albert and Chim’s storyline, maybe because May’s was just that good, didn’t feel like it had the oomph it should had. If not, because we’ve had better moments between the two, Chim almost losing Albert and having a heart-to-heart just didn’t hit like it was expected.

Then, when it comes to Buck, Taylor, and Lucy? Was it interesting to watch Taylor set things straight with Lucy? Yes, since she was going to her about her discomfort instead of Buck, mainly since Taylor knows the 118 is Buck’s lifeline, and she can’t present an ultimatum there. However, where can that story really go beyond potentially having Lucy leave for Eddie to take back his spot? Especially if the show wants to keep teasing a potential love triangle?

This New Storyline For Hen

Hen questioning if Jonah has been doing something wrong

Don’t get me wrong, I miss Hen having a significant, multi-episode storyline, as she’ll likely get out of this Jonah situation. But I wish it was something regarding her growth, like becoming a doctor. While this hunt for Jonah will allow Hen to be a badass, it also seems like a means to have it so Hen can potentially be put on ice due to her injuries trying to take on Jonah. If not, like Athena, have a trauma response storyline that can be recalled.

For 9-1-1 is at that point where it is going to need a constant influx of new blood, at least on a reoccurring basis, and as noted many times, it’s already a bloated show. One that can barely feature who has been here since the beginning adequately. So any and all threats to the OG team needs to be taken seriously for sooner or later, they aren’t going to be written off like Michael. To shake things up, someone will be killed off to present the idea that there won’t always be a miracle that saves members of the 118.

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May seeing Claudette fall apart
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This New Storyline For Hen
Some Of The Other Ongoing Plots

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