3%: Season 1/ Episode 3 "Chapter 3/ Corridor" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Joana’s secrets are revealed, as well as Ezequiel’s.

Review (with Spoilers)

Topic 1: The Process – Tunnel Run (Joana)

The test this week deals with people letting go of their paranoia and fear, so says Ezekiel. Nearly everyone is crippled by their fear, including Joana, but she is the only one mentally strong enough to fight through it. Thus leading to her being the one who gets them to pass the test.


Considering all the questions Aline is asking about the tests within the process, you have to wonder how have things changed since she, and the members of the council, took the test? For really, what need is there to have people face their fears under gas hallucination? Much less, who can deal with the thing they most fear or are guilty about within 5 minutes? I mean, while you can understand, for population and productivity reasons, why they would want to weed out the weak, lazy, or those who don’t have the ability to adapt, the test are getting excessive. To the point it is hard to, increasingly, guess what could be next. Even if the intro may give some sort of hint.

Topic 2: Augusto (Ezekiel)

It is revealed the reason Ezekiel goes inland is to give food and gifts to a young boy named Augusto.


Ok, who is Augusto to Ezekiel? Could it be Julia’s kid with him, maybe her kid with someone else? Which only doesn’t matter to him because he is a piece of Julia? Could it be Julia was punished with being forced to return inland, while pregnant, and then was killed years later? I know Aline keeps dancing around, and reminding us, Ezekiel’s wife died, but even with all this tech that we see the offshore has, we are also shown it is sort of flawed. So, can we really believe anything they think they know? Especially with us knowing even those who have lived their life inland can hack their system.

Topic 3: Child Killer (Joana)

We learn the reason Joana has submitted to the process is because she accidentally killed the child of a local gang leader named Gerson. Also, we learn Joana’s name isn’t really Joana and that it seems a selective few can not only implant registration chips but also change the offshore registry to make them legit.


Let me get this straight. The Offshore technology is on the level of Minority Report yet someone with a computer system which looks like it is from the 90s can hack them? Much less, they can change the system and it can be successful? Can someone break down how that makes a lick of sense? That aside, it should be noted Ezekiel is prepping to investigate Joana so who knows if she may make it to the end. For while the registration may trick a scanner, I’m sure Valeria, who implanted Joana’s chip, couldn’t change every last system to wipe out the real Joana’s identity. Much less, considering the facial recognition software they have, and all the cameras we saw Aline use, surely they should know who she is soon and what she did. Unless they have the equipment to be big brother but no one to monitor it.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • Just for clarification, why did they make this gas? Is it to fight The Cause or were they just experimenting with stuff and discovered it?
  • How was Valeria, with her likely inland education and tech, able to hack into the offshore’s registry?
  • What is, or were, in all those storage units?
  • Michele, who has kind of dropped off relevance, despite seemingly being the lead, makes out with Fernando. Why? I honestly can’t fathom. Though you can already see Fernando is falling in love.

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