Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased): Season 1/ Episode 2 "Palm of the Hand" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It seems the revival feature is out, but you will get to see some 10-11 year old puppy love. All of which may get Satoru just a bit closer to figuring out what happened to Kayo?

Trigger Warning(s): Child Abuse

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Home Lives of Kayo and Satoru (Satoru and Kayo)

With the time jumps comes us getting to see Satoru as a kid and us begin to question his home life. The first thing being, where is his dad? A topic still not touched on. Also, what would we consider Satoru’s financial status? In most anime people live in houses, but Satoru lives in an apartment in which he not only doesn’t have his own room, but the place is so small that he can’t even have 5 of his friends come over for his birthday. Not to forget, he has to sleep next to his mom in Japanese style futons. Which, let me admit, isn’t that important to the story as of now, but I do think it may be a factor into why Satoru would play with Yuuki, who has yet to be seen.

Now, as for Kayo, the girl who went missing and was ultimately found murdered, things get a little complicated. Mostly because we find out her mom is abusing her. Leading to the question of when she was found dead, after the snow melted, if perhaps her mom may have went too far and killed her as opposed to Yuuki, or someone else, being the culprit.

Topic 2: It’s Just A Little Crush (Satoru and Kayo)

For Satoru, there is some difficulty which comes from being a 29-year-old man in an 11-year old’s body. Not because he has to remember things like Dragon Quest or the earlier Final Fantasy games, but more so the fact he has to talk to a girl and convince her to be friends. Which is a bit of an issue for Kayo isn’t the friendliest of girls, at first. But then things get weird once she starts to let Satoru in and when they touch hands they both blush. Thus giving him that really awkward moment of being a 29-year-old with a slight crush on a 10-year-old.


Though it is a bit messed up to say, I like this new complication when it comes to Kayo. Her being abused by her mom leads to who killed her becoming more complex.

On The Fence

A part of me feels that the “revival” gift may not be seen anytime soon. Which sucks since it was an interesting aspect of the first episode, yet doesn’t really make sense in the past, I will admit.

A part of me wonders if he may jump back and forth from past to present, rather than simply stay in the past. Which could be an interesting way to handle the mystery, and provide an opportunity for the “revival” skill, but at the same time seems like something which could be easily botched.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Where is Yuuki currently? Also, in the first episode, it made it seem like Satoru really didn’t have friends, yet he has 4 schoolmates, so is there a continuity issue?

How, and also when, did Satoru get the “revival” power?

What's Your Take?

Negative Mixed Positive

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