Dragonkeeper (2024) – Review

“Dragonkeeper” focuses on a young girl who is tasked with rescuing a baby dragon, and discovering her true fate, not the assumed one of being a servant.

IF (2024) Movie Review

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Fleming, and John Krasinski, in this theatrical release, prepare to cry as a young girl deals with her father needing surgery and imaginary friends grieving over being forgotten.

We Grown Now (2024) Movie Review

Set in 1992, Chicago, specifically the – projects “We Grown Now,” is a coming-of-age film with few peers to compare it to quickly.

In The Summers – Movie Review and Summary

“In The Summers” is an almost bittersweet look at the relationship between a father and his daughters, as you question if his imperfections may sour their relationship to the point of abandonment.