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    Looks That Kill (2020) – Review/ Summary with Spoilers

    "Looks That Kill" makes for a lukewarm dark comedy, but has a romance that makes it worth viewing.

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    The Maze Runner: The Death Cure – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Maze Runner: The Death Cure tries its hardest for an epic ending but ends up falling on its face with every attempt at an emotional moment. Community Rating: 58.36% (2)

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    Wish Upon – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

    If interested in Wish Upon, I want you to walk in with a post-Child’s Play, pre 2nd reboot, Chucky mindset. In that, while things are kind of graphic, they are also comical and a bit cheesy. Alongside that, I implore you to either bring a friend who gives comical commentary or go to a theater where people generally talk during the movie. Community Rating: 41.27% (2)

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    The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Overview Maze Runner: Scorch Trials picks up right where the first movie left off and, as before, Thomas’ curiosity is what changes the fate of our heroes. For with everyone desperate for a reason to have hope, for themselves, as well as others, they place their faith Thomas and hope his leadership doesn’t lead to their doom. Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted.

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    The Maze Runner – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Overview Showing how much The Hunger Games has become the new influential film which all who follow aspire to be, you get The Maze Runner. Review (with Spoilers) Media dealing with young adults going through various types of drama pretty much is the majority of the stuff I watch and read. So, naturally, with a new young adult novel being adapted to replace The Hunger Games once it ends its run, it is hard to not be excited. Especially since it seems the torch for young adult novels has been passed in such a way where each preceding one set the tone for all those who followed. Harry Potter started it all, for me anyway, and then the Twilight series became the YA novel adaptation many mimicked and tried to find success by copying, and with The Hunger Games near its end comes The Maze Runner trying to be the…

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