3 Days With Dad (2019) – Coming Soon

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Coming soon to a theater near you, Larry Clarke’s latest film featuring J.K. Simmons and Tom Arnold.


Larry Clarke

Screenplay By

Larry Clarke


The last thing Eddie Mills wants to do is go home to deal with his dying Dad. But the Catholic guilt gnaws at him, and he returns home to his crazy family, an overbearing step-mother, and his bear of a father. Once there, Eddie is confronted with the revelation that he himself is a father which forces him to deal with the past he has always avoided. 


Tom Arnold, Larry Clarke, Julie Ann Emery, Mo Gaffney, Jon Gries, Eric Edelstein, J.K. Simmons with Lesley Ann Warren and Brian Dennehy

Release Date

The film will open for weeklong runs in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Music Hall and in New York at Cinema Village beginning September 13th.  It will also open in Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Dallas, Tampa, Orlando, Minneapolis and Detroit and debut nationwide on VOD and Digital HD.

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