This Month on Wherever I Look – May 2017 Edition

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This Month on Wherever I Look – May 2017

Category Change

For movies, I’m changing Mixed (Home Viewing) to Mixed (Divisive). The reason being, the majority of the films I watch nowadays, thanks to Netflix, I’m watching at home. So putting Mixed (Home Viewing) doesn’t make any sense at all. Noting things as (Divisive) more so represents the idea that the film isn’t for everyone but I thought to be likable due to certain storylines or characters.

Clearing Out The Watchlists

There are going to be more movies than usual this month. Between Netflix and Amazon Prime, I have been stacking up movies and while the schedule currently has almost one show every day, I don’t want to wait until the dead period of summer to watch these movies. So, for most of May, expect a lot of obscure movies. Some of them years old.

Things To Be Excited For This Month

Despite how bad her Netflix special was, I think Snatched may actually be something funny from the mind of Amy Schumer. If only because, while it is her usual self-deprecating shtick, I must admit I’m in the mood for an action comedy which isn’t starring an over the top Black guy. Let’s mix it up a bit.

Alongside that, there are quite a few Netflix originals which certainly should be on your radar. Not any of their series, though House of Cards premieres another season this month, and Sense8 is available now [note]I dropped it solely since I’m Netflix marathon tired out[/note] but their comedy specials and documentaries. Get Me Roger Stone should especially be interesting since that is the guy who arguably got Trump into the White House. So it should be interesting to learn his story and also his methods. Alongside that, we have a Sarah Silverman and Tracy Morgan comedy special.

Now, being that they are following Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K., it is hard to say if they may live up to past standards or land somewhere between Ali Wong‘s, Trevor Noah‘s, or Amy Schumer‘s. However, considering they are both considered a bit outrageous, fingers are crossed.

As for movies? Setting aside what was added to the calendar because they were sitting on my watchlist, The only thing I’m really looking forward to seeing in theaters is Everything, Everything. Though it is mostly because I am a fan of Amandla Stenberg more so than because I loved the book.

Leaving live performances. This month it is going to be Kid Fury, of The Read, performing during his Furious Thoughts Live! Tour in New York City. Something which I’m kind of hyped about for many of my Fridays consists of just listening to the nearly two-hour podcast while doing my day job. Which, let me tell you, helps me get through that last mile before the weekend.

Lastly, I got Gabourey Sidibe’s book and between late May to mid-June, I hope to finish it. I got a few qu0tes already to put on my Instagram and while it is an easy book to do a chapter by chapter review, I think I might just do a complete book review for this one. If only because it isn’t something which reads as life changing enough to really break into slices. Plus, unlike Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness or even Diane Guerrero’s In the Country We Love, while it could be made into a series, it doesn’t necessarily inspire me to the point of wanting to take mad notes to make some kind of spec script.

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