Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

83.34% (4)

Madea returns and while this film will in no way win her new fans, and may lose some old ones, she still brings the funny.

Director: Tyler Perry


Madea (Tyler Perry) is still finding herself having to deal with Brian’s bold and obnoxious daughter Tiffany (Diamond White). Someone who, thanks to turning 18, and with being enabled by her mother Debra (Taja V. Simpson) thinks she is grown. Thus leading her to return to the frat house from the first Boo! A Madea Halloween in order to get some birthday sex from Jonathan – as well as go to the frat’s Halloween party.

One which is to take place on Lake Derek where, decades ago, a bunch of kids got killed. Which, upon learning, makes Brian against the whole idea but with Debra not agreeing with him, and Tiffany being who she is, off she goes. Leading to another film with Madea and her crew dishing out the jokes, hijinks, surprisingly no lessons, but maybe one or two jump scares.


It is Funny

There are about 30 good laughs out of this which, of course, come from Madea, Joe being nasty as hell, as well as Bam (Cassi Davis) and Hattie (Patrice Lovely). Of which, only some of the slick things Joe says maybe memorable to you. Since some of it is so nasty it makes you wanna take notes.


The Story & The Majority of the Characters

Can you believe there was a time when Viola Davis, Cicely Tyson, Loretta Divine, and Angela Basset would star in Madea movies? Hell, can you remember when the quality was good enough, when it came to the stories, lessons, and characters, that it didn’t seem like a bad look for any of them? Now though, Tyler has seemingly put himself, as Brian, front and center and the movies have gone to the crapper for it.

Be it to save money, or not be forced to remain consistent from movie to movie, as actors get tired of their one-note characters, they all got cut off for internet sensations. Of which, it is hard to tell if they can’t act or it is the material which makes you cringe. For truly, if there is one reason this movie is downright terrible it is because when we aren’t focused on Madea and her crew, we have the dullest human beings ever to commit to tired and worn out tropes.

But you know what the kicker is? At least in past films, there was some sort of lesson implanted to give even the most lackluster story a boost. That’s missing in Boo 2! A Madea Halloween entirely. Either you are getting funny moments with Madea, or you are watching Tiffany and her friends not provide you much more than eye candy. I’m talking the camera focusing on behinds, making sure there are nothing but generally attractive girls, and really pushing the idea that Tyler Perry doesn’t care anymore. He, like Adam Sandler with his comedies, uses and abuses his fans and takes no interest in attracting new ones.

Leading to the question, is he trying to alienate his fans too? As noted with Boo! 1, there is so much cursing for a franchise which began as something for the Black Christian niche. Combined that with the mentioned innuendo and lack of lesson and it really leads you to wonder who is this being marketed toward?

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

While Madea still has it, the cast of characters, outside her inner circle, certainly do not. Brian and Tiffany need to go away for a while like Cora seemingly has. Meaning they are talked about and not seen. For the two characters have gotten worse and being that Madea has given her life lesson to them, now it seems she is just repeating herself and becoming as tired, borderline indifferent, to Brian and his problems as we are.

Hence the mixed label for while Madea, Joe, Bam, and Hattie bring the funny, everyone else brings the groans and a slew of frustration with how downhill this franchise is going.

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