What maybe perhaps one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen.

Often times when I decide on a movie to watch, I only look to see who is in it and look at the poster since I fear all the good bits will be in the trailer. After all, most movies nowadays do feel a bit oversold due to how good their trailers are. But with James Franco, Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain and Zach Braff, my hopes were high to the point I didn’t even read the synopsis. I jumped in expecting a quirky tale and a fun ride.

Characters & Story

Imagine you are in college and your slightly accomplished “Introduction to Poetry” teacher had the lesson plan based off all his work. And rather than lead the class through a spirited journey filled with discussion and awe, instead he decides to focus on stroking his own ego as he speaks in a monotone voice. That is the general feel as we follow C.K. Williams (James Franco) through his life.


Honestly, outside of watching C.K. Williams with wife Catherine (Mila Kunis), or his younger self with Irene (Danika Yarosh), in which we are presented these cute romantic little stories, there isn’t much to praise.


To start off, the use of C.K. Williams’ poetry for the narrative I think was a bad move since, for me, his poetry is that boring stuff you are force fed throughout your academic career. It is the type of writing people with doctorates in English find deep and amazing, or something which touched them on some deep level, and yet as you sit in class and listen to them read, you simply don’t get it.

What doesn’t help though is that we go back and forth from the older Williams (Franco) to his younger versions and the film’s tone very much reminded me of the feeling you would have if you were tipsy or high. Everything feels muddled and lacking of any type of excitement and, while you can recognize something is happening, nothing is said or done to snap you out of this daze. This is despite the sounds of children laughing, Kunis and Franco portraying what looks like a cute relationship, and surely being part of a film of someone who perhaps might actually be interesting. Though you would never guess watching this.

Overall: Skip It

Somehow, despite barely being over an hour, this movie felt so long. Which truly is a testament to how bad this movie is. And I don’t really fault the actors involved, per se, but just looking at the plethora of writers and directors involved on IMDb, you can definitely tell that there may have been too many cooks in the kitchen with this one. Though this film making me sleepier than drinking all night is the main reason this is being labeled “Skip It.” For unless you are the type who likes background noise while you sleep, I don’t see why you would waste your time on this film.

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