Starrkeisha's Scary Mini Movie! – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It’s that time of the year where horror themed movies and episodes come out in masse and it isn’t exclusive to TV and movies. Even YouTube.

Review (with Spoilers)

Thanks to one of the react videos I learned of Starrkeisha and not since Got 2B Real was having regular airings have I found myself regularly entertained by a YouTube sensation. But now there is a mini-movie, only of 13 minutes and, I must say, I fully expect Starrkeisha to appear in a Madea movie eventually. That is if Cameron J isn’t afraid to fully have this character eclipse his career.

Link to Mini-Movie Here

Characters & Story

Starrkeisha (Cameron J) has just moved into a new house and finally got her furniture in there. Unfortunately, though, some dude not on her level financially, Joe (Also Cameron J), after helping her move is trying to take her out. Um, that’s not happening. But when some creep who got this demented looking Baymax from Big Hero 6 looking mask on, maybe she might have wished she took that date.


So Funny

To say I was excited about this would be an understatement. Heck, perhaps what I was the most happy about was this wouldn’t be some YouTube Red exclusive. But what was a bit surprising was how funny this was. Now, I won’t claim you’ll be laughing from beginning to end. However, even with Cameron J playing all but two characters, and some of the moments being plain ridiculous, considering the limitations of the production it was quite good. Almost to the point that you can really imagine as Tyler Perry, and others, take note of YouTube, Vine, Snap Chat, and other stars within their social media platform, Cameron J’s time call up should be soon.


No Story To Build Off

It is hard to criticize this, if only because you get this vibe Starrkeisha is more so a means to keep Cameron J’s name out there vs. being a character he is really trying to take far. Yet, with that said, being that I’m new to the character, it does feel like the videos since the Petty Song doesn’t explain how she ended up in the situation she did. Granted, the ending sort of answers any question you could have had, but with Starrkeisha getting notoriety, it does make you wish there was something more long termed planned for the character. A series for example. But that issue more so is a personal thought than something which has to deal with the movie. At least with it having a rather simple solution to any question you could have.

Overall: Mixed

By general standards this is mixed, by YouTube standards, this is worth seeing. Yet the mixed label feels like it applies more since while you get everything you expect, it is hard to not desire more. Not just in terms of Starrkeisha’s development into a character within a series, who gets developed in some form or fashion but also that if a movie is released vs. a skit, it would mean more.

Yet, with that said, like with Single By 30, which the pilot review will be posted eventually, it is hard to say would I pay to see all these things I wish for. Of which the answer feels like a no, but then you look at Insecure which sometimes is like a retooled Awkward Black Girl. With that you realize if this came in a package, be it HBO or cable, you would spend money to see this. Though with it being on YouTube, the stigma of the platform makes you feel like you should get quality entertainment, at maximum value, for free. Hence why, in the end, I’m mixed on this because it is just difficult to firmly give this a worth seeing label knowing I would not pay for this.

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Negative Mixed Positive

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