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A man and a woman have a long drawn out conversation which becomes more and more infuriating for both you and the participants as it drags on.

Trigger Warning(s): Rape

Review (with Spoilers)

With no knowledge of who Alice Eve is, what drew me to this was Stanley Tucci. The man who can be found in so many of your favorite films, almost always with a different personality in each one. But while I must admit his involvement was certainly a draw, perhaps the real big interest for me came from the fact there were solely two people in the cast. Leading to the question: Do these two actors keep your attention over the course of the movie?

Characters & Story

Fred (Stanley Tucci) is a man who has seemingly left it all. He has left his wife of 20+ years and decides to show up, unannounced, at the door of his former mistress Velvet (Alice Eve). Someone who he hasn’t had contact with for 4 years, so naturally she is quite surprised to see him with bags in hand, and with her surprise comes his anger for he wants seemingly expected them to pick up from where they left off. Thing is, her feelings have faded with time, perhaps due to lack of patience, and definitely a bit of fear. Leading you to wonder if when all is said and done, will someone leave in a body bag or perhaps could things end peacefully as they might have before?


This film, all throughout, got an emotional response from me. Some Velvet Morning is the type of film which makes you yell at the screen and get frustrated to the point you want to jump into the movie and do something. This is all thanks to an enraging story and performances by both Tucci and Eve which surely get you into their characters quick. For their performances make this almost like seeing a 1st class Broadway play. They go back and forth and puts you on the edge of your seat as you fear the worse and hope for the best. Especially as you see both of their patience degrade to the point where pleasantries are thrown out the window. And truly, I am surprised this film wasn’t nominated for any type of accolades.


But with that said, I should note as much as this film can be maddening in a good way it also can be in a bad way. For one, the film repeats itself over and over in a pattern which adds a bit more detail each time the argument restarts again. And not to fully spoil the movie, but the basic pattern is Fred getting angry, Velvet getting scared, Fred trying to explain why he is angry, Velvet trying to appease him, Fred calming down, and then repeat. However, while that way of storytelling did get a bit too repetitive for me, really it is the ending which pushed me over the edge for it doesn’t at all release this tension you have been building up inside of you. Instead, it makes your anger simmer and settle in your shoulder and back muscles giving you no relief what so ever.

Overall: Worth Seeing

This film is so polarizing for me. As much as I want to label it “Worth Seeing” I want to say to “Skip It” with “TV Viewing” not really being a viable option. For I hate this film with a burning passion, yet I feel it is so rare for a film to maintain you being connected and engaged throughout the entire thing. But, at the same time, your engagement is based on rage and passion which is never appeased. So while I say this is worth watching for the story and performances, realize you will not get any satisfaction out of the ending, no matter how clever it maybe.

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    You said it all, I am not a proponent of violence, but I would have loved to see an ending that including “Fred” getting his head smashed open with the nearest marble base lamp.

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