The short for Occurrence at Mills Creek is perhaps one of the best marketing pieces for a full-length film seen in a long time.

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The short for Occurrence at Mills Creek is perhaps one of the best marketing pieces for a full-length film seen in a long time.

Director(s) Don Swanson
Screenplay By Don Swanson
Date Released 7/5/2019
Genre(s) Horror
Good If You Like Horror Films With A Female Lead
Isn’t For You If You Are Looking For The Usual Slaughter House Style of Horror
Noted Cast
Clara Ava Psoras
Cassie Alexa Mechling
Emily Betsy Lynn George
Victor Joe Fishel

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Occurrence at Mills Creek (Short) Plot Summary & Review

Clara, Cassie, Emily, and Victor perhaps once were some semblance of a happy family. However, being happy takes work, commitment, and patience. All of which was in short supply in the family. Which is why perhaps everything went down the way it did like a row of dominoes.


It’s Creepy Without Being Overtly Graphic

The way Swanson has Occurrence at Mills Creek setup, it’s more about being eerie, perhaps nightmare inducing for some, than throwing gallons of blood around. If not creating quick and easy jump scares or trying to gross you out with expensive makeup. Instead, it wants to earn that blood, earn that sense of fear, and slowly create that sense of discomfort. Ultimately reminding you that there was a time when the horror genre focused on story and build and not just how many times it could make you scream or tempt you to vomit.

On The Fence

The Acting

To be fair, everyone has to start somewhere and when it comes to some in the cast, like Betsy Lynn George, her last role, according to IMDB, was in 1998. So for many this short, soon to be a full-length film, is either their first major role, their first one in a long time, or their first film – period. Luckily, as you continue to watch, that nervousness, overacting for some (the trailer provides an example), you see Swanson rein that in a bit. But occasionally, in what is presented as just the first act, you are forced to give a certain allowance that you wouldn’t give if you didn’t know this was an indie movie.

Occurrence at Mills Creek (Short) Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

While there is a need to remember this is an indie movie, which presents a sort of handicap, what matters is the foundation presented. Setting aside people learning on the job, what this short offers is that the full-length film, to be released in the summer of 2020, is worth the wait. For what Occurrence at Mills Creek does, unlike many other indie horror films we’ve seen, is not rely on gratuitous violence, gore and blood to compensate for its story. That alone brings a sense of hope and faith that any kinks that can be seen in the short, they will be worked out in the long run. Thus leading to the potential the short shows being tapped and us getting something which horror fans will love and for those of us who don’t like being scared, we’ll have something stronger than Black coffee to keep us up at night.

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The Acting - 75%
It’s Creepy Without Being Overtly Graphic - 85%


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