To me, this film is all about showcasing Rosa Salazar’s talent and her potential to be a leading lady. For between the madness she exhibits, to likability and vulnerability, it is like she is giving you a taste of who she can be for whatever she is cast in. All the while, everyone else is just there.

Trigger Warning(s): Suicide Attempt

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

It just seemed like a hook up any old hookup. Madeline (Rosa Salazar) met a cute guy, Kevin (Adam Pally) at a bar and decided to bring him home and mess around. However, with time, Kevin realizes that where he is isn’t Madeline’s house. No, it is Will Campbell’s (Peter Krause). Someone who in the film is like a watered down Joe Paterno, in terms of the scandal. But Madeline loves him and like everyone else, including Kevin, has fallen for his charm. However, let it be known she isn’t like everyone else, she knows him personally and is far more than a one-night stand. In fact, Will was going to leave his wife for her.

Which would perhaps be believable if it wasn’t for Madeline attempting to commit suicide. Leading to Kevin being coerced by Peter (Rob Huebel), Will’s right-hand man, into trying to keep Madeline awake until he can get there to handle her. Though with all Madeline shares, about herself and Will, you have to wonder if Kevin may feel sympathy for the girl or just see her as someone simply trying to ruin Will’s legacy, and destroy all he built, just out of revenge.


A Look Into A Football Fan’s Mind: Between Bill Cosby and the Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky scandals, some maybe left wondering why someone would so fiercely defend someone as allegations are introduced to their person. Well, with Kevin, I feel like we get to peer into the mind and thought process of those who have an unrelenting faith in their hero. For whether it is what they did for them personally, or perhaps others which inspires them as a fan, Kevin fully displays all they could possibly go through as allegations transform into hard facts.

Love Is Complicated: At the heart of this story isn’t Kevin’s pursuit to becoming a coach, or even really Will maintaining his legacy, it is about presenting the victim and humanizing them. Making them more than the person who should have kept their mouth shut and showing them as a human being. Someone who, yes, may not have the best past, but does that make them wrong for wanting to be around someone who could have given them a better future? Does it make the perpetrator, in this case, the married Will, vindicated for the person who went along with his desires was a nobody? I mean, the film I won’t say is 100% about presenting what I’m talking about for this bullet point and the one above, but it does present the type of insight I think it worth noting.

Salazar’s Performance: After The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, I was wondering what Salazar would pop in next. For, out of everyone in that movie, or introduced in that movie, she was the only one which stood out. So with the discovery of this film I had high hopes and I do feel like they were met for Salazar sort of gave us an appetizer platter when it comes to what she could play in the future. Just to give some examples, Madeline is a girl with a rough background and she plays up the character’s vulnerable side through her attempting suicide and talking about her past relationships; her funny if not smart-aleck side by joking about it, and having good banter with Kevin, making her seem like she could play a compelling love interest in the future; and at the same time she is commanding as she transitions from vulnerable and playing someone depressed to someone who is pissed at Kevin, Will, if not the world.

On The Fence

Salazar’s Performance, In General, Could Be Seen As A Toss Up: While the majority of my praise is directed at Salazar and her performance, to be perfectly honest, I think what could be seen as comedic, if not humanizing moments, could be seen as her maybe going over the top. What comes to mind mostly are the times she and Krause are fighting as he either tries to keep her awake or keep her from leaving. During these times, things get potentially comical and I can’t say that some may not end up rolling their eyes.

Final Thought(s): TV Viewing

While Salazar and Krause play off each other well, and this film definitely presents the idea that Salazar will have a long career ahead of herself, as long as she gets opportunities, it isn’t perfect. At times you may wonder why one night in their world feels so long in yours and when Will finally appears, why is it so anti-climactic? Also, the men in the film, after some time, are a bit forgettable but, despite these little minor issues, the film is quite enjoyable and that is why it is being labeled as “TV Viewing.”

Collected Quote(s)

“I’m not being hard on myself. It’s the men who have been hard on me.”

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