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Admittedly, I was drawn into this movie for it seemed like it would sort of be like About Time since it seemingly featured a guy trying to work things out with his girlfriend after failing the first time, but seemingly getting a second chance due to time travel. However, as the trailer went on, and you noticed doppelgangers, I must admit my curiosity grew. What also helped is a lot of the actors are people who you may have seen in bit roles from other films, or in TV shows, so it makes it where you have this occasional feeling of thinking you saw that face somewhere.

Now, in the film we have quite a large cast, but the main people we focus on are David (played by Rhys Wakefield), who is our lead and is all about his girlfriend Jill (played by Ashley Hinshaw), a girl who is starting to do really well in life, but wondering if maybe David is stuck in the past. Then there is Teddy (played by Logan Miller), who sort of fits your Teen movie best friend role to a T, and his love interest Melanie (played by Natalie Hall) who we really don’t learn much about, besides her being a bit kinky in bed. Lastly, there is Angad (played by Rohan Kymal) who is throwing the party in which most of the film takes place.


In +1, the story begins making you believe it is going to be a romantic film about a guy (David) and his girl (Jill), but rather than be lovey-dovey throughout the movie, the climax part where the guy messes up comes within the first 10, or so, minutes and then he for the rest of the movie is trying to win her back. Aside from that, we have Angad’s big party, a day after David messes up with Jill, if not that night, and this is when everything gets weird for a meteorite hits earth. This meteorite, seemingly, makes it so everyone who goes to Angad’s party, or attempts to, ends up getting a doppelganger. Thing is, these doppelgangers are part of some time paradox so they are always about ten or so minutes behind the originals, but coming close to the present quick. Now, while many freak out upon discovery of having clones, David, on the other hand, takes advantage of the situation, thus leading to us seeing David in a whole new light.


Probably the best thing about +1 is the fact that as much as you want to pin it down, and make comparisons, you can’t. The film also doesn’t strictly fit a genre either. You could possibly consider it a thriller, but it doesn’t feel like the film is that serious; you could call it a romance, but considering how twisted it is that seems like it isn’t the best choice; and at the same time there isn’t anything to really fear so it isn’t a horror. And yet, it sort of tries to blend these together in a way which isn’t necessarily smooth, but it isn’t jagged either.


At the same time, though, the movie can be quite predictable. David’s character especially you can basically guess his story without much effort. Also, I must say as much as the film feels like it stands out, it does contain many bits and elements of films we are used to. What I mean by this is that it feels very much like a hybrid which didn’t necessarily take the best parts of the films it was inspired by. The clone thing, as interesting as it started, sort of falls flat. Having everything take place during a college party made things feel very familiar, and having the weird best friend, well in this movie’s case: friends, also took away from the appeal. My biggest issue though is the ending since after all the buildup, things just end and though there is shock and horror on the casts’ faces, I didn’t leave the film feeling all the interested nor affected.

Overall: TV watching

Being someone who sees far too many movies makes films like this leaving you feeling indifferent. However, despite it feeling very inspired and maybe not the most original, it does keep you entertained and interested. But, I wouldn’t say for you to spend your money on this. This is more so a movie you watch on TV because there is nothing on and the description sounds alright. It isn’t anything for horror fans to run to, and really it is just plain average. Still, I wouldn’t say it is so average it is worthy of being considered background noise for a nap.

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