Mike Epps: Only One Mike continues Netflix line of comedy tapings which may get a few chuckles out of you, but certainly aren’t specials.

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Mike Epps: Only One Mike continues Netflix line of comedy tapings which may get a few chuckles out of you, but certainly aren’t specials.

Director(s) Kevin Bray
Written By Mike Epps
Date Released 6/25/2019
Genre(s) Stand Up Comedy
Good If You Like
  • Jokes Which Aren’t That Complicated
  • Comedy Which Focuses On Cracking On People
  • Self-Deprecation
  • Urban-Focused Comedy
Isn’t For You If You
  • Storyteller Comedy
  • Jokes Which Craft A Narrative
  • Mature comedy, In Terms Of Beyond Being Sexual & Having Cursewords
  • Don’t Like The Majority Of The Show Being Crowd Work
Noted Cast
Himself Mike Epps

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Mike Epps: Only One Mike Summary

Most of the show is heavily focused on the DC area, where the show was taped, and Epps talking about the kind of audience members who come to the show, how DC is changing, and lots of random topics. Be it brushing your teeth before foreplay, how broke men need to know their place, dealing with Mexicans in LA, or a fire a thief helped with. Pretty much, the whole taping is all over the place, and like most tapings, the ending is a bit abrupt.

On The Fence

The Jokes Don’t Differentiate Who Is Mike Epps

Nearly every joke Epps tells which feels like you heard someone say the same joke just a tad bit different. Like there is one which says the reason Obama was so chill was because he was hanging. Now, maybe it is because YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter have now made everyone think they are a proper comic, so finding a truly original joke is hard? Perhaps it is just that a lot of what Mike talks about isn’t personal, outside of his time in special ed, so these jokes don’t feel branded. Meaning, they don’t seem like jokes only Mike Epps could tell or only he could tell and still be funny. Thus leading to this impression that, while I’m sure Epps writes all of his own jokes, he doesn’t get on stage because he has something to say. More so, he still goes out there because people pay to see him and tell him he is funny. No shade.

The Jokes Are All Over The Place

If you are like me, you like when there is some sort of narrative connecting the jokes. Be it in the form of observational comedy or personal stuff the comic has gone through. Epps’ doesn’t give you that. His jokes don’t really have rhyme or reason, and he doesn’t have the best flow. His jokes pretty much are one sexual joke after another with rough transitions. Making it so it is like he is going off a teleprompter of jokes, or cue cards, and once one set is done, Epps goes right into the next with little to no Vaseline.

Mike Epps: Only One Mike Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

Available on Netflix

While comedy is subjective, when it comes to Mike Epps: Only One Mike, I don’t think it is me lacking humor as much as Epps just not being funny on this occasion. For taking note of his topics and style, I think back to the recent Shaft movie and how I was laughing nearly every other minute. So I am of the belief due to Epps being a comic who tells jokes, not really stories, that is one reason for the mixed label and another being too much crowd work. But the main reason is that Epps doesn’t seem like he has anything to say. More so, it seems like Epps saw all his peers getting a Netflix check, Epps had what he saw as a good hour, so he sold it to make some easy money. Not because this is a defining moment or the end of a chapter in his life, but simply because he was approached, he had something ready, and so he sold it.

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The Jokes Don’t Differentiate Who Is Mike Epps - 70%
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