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Collected Quotes from BBC Two and HBO’s Series Industry

by Amari

In this post, you’ll find quotes collected from the BBC Two and HBO series Industry.

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Season 1

Episode 3: Notting Hill

I expect you to have expectations of yourself.
— Eric

Episode 4: Sesh

Hunger is not a birthright.
— Eric

There are generally two times to tell me when you’ve fucked up. The moment it’s fucked, or the moment it’s un-fucked.
— Eric

Episode 5: Learned Behaviour

It’s not an apology if you put yourself at the center of it.
— Harper

Gets to the point where they stop asking, but they never stop caring.
— Clement

It’s only addiction if you can’t afford it.
— Clement

If you sit there like window dressing, it’s hard to come back. The quicker you open your mouth, the quicker they know you’re an actual human being on top of everything else.
— Daria

Episode 6: Nutcracker

Put a name on it if you are going to accuse someone of something.
— Kenny

Episode 7: Pre-Crisis Activity

I can’t leave him in a worse state than I found him.
— Yasmin

I keep compulsively checking my balance, and it stresses me out, like, makes me feel physically nauseous, when it drops below a certain point, so I’m not touching it.
— Harper

Episode 8: Reduction in Force

Cynicism is just honesty in code.
— Sara

Any success I might have doesn’t have to come at a cost to you.
— Yasmin

[…] the only agency we have in a stagnant system is the single choices that we make, and the cumulative effect of making the correct ones more often than not.
— Sara

The choice is between the invisible man and the visible woman.
— Sara

Don’t judge me when you hold your fucking tongue whenever it suits you.
— Harper

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