Collected Quotes From August 2022

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In this post you’ll find quotes collected from various media throughout August 2022.

Good For You

Success is the quality of your problems increase.
Whitney Cummings

Comparison is the worst form of violence against yourself.
Whitney Cummings

High School Musical: The Musical – The Series

It’s not even a fight. It’s a one-sided confusion.
— Gina (3.5)


They want women to be equal, until you start acting like them.
— Celeste (2.4)

You’re born a 1000 men, you die as just one.
— Eric (2.4)

Figures cut through hot air.
— Bill (2.4)

If you stop producing, you’re simply a cost.
— Bill (2.4)

Nobody owes anybody a tomorrow here.
— Bill (2.4)

I’m just not interested in people who comment on the direction of the wind. I’d much prefer if you could make it blow.
— Jesse (2.2)

People are just knots of fear. We loosen them, we win.
— Eric (2.2)

make you an anomaly so you’re not successful, you’re a success story.
— Robert (2.2)

A success story just reinforces the rigidity of where you come from. Your difference. The structure stays the same. They keep their power.
— Nicole (2.2)

Bouts of abstinence give the illusion of control.
— Nicole (2.2)

A man ages gracefully by knowing his time’s up.
— Enzo (2.2)

It’s a confusing space when you’re new. I spent my early twenties torturing myself about how anyone could ever take me seriously. I felt ostracized all the time. And then I realized, I was the club. I was the party. The only member was me. People are lucky to be in your company. Not the other way around.
— Celeste (2.2)

You don’t have to like someone for them to be useful to you.
— Celeste (2.2)

It’s a shame that we’re forced to make the choices that dictate our life when we’re too young to know we’re making them.
— Nicole (2.2)

Don’t wait for others to pray for you.
— Jesse (2.1)

I knew myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.
— Kenny (2.1)


I’m doing this for you, not to you.
— Bobby (1.1)

Everyone thinks I’m finished. I’m not finished. I’ve been waiting.
— Cus (1.1)

I only succeed when you don’t need me anymore.
— Cus (1.2)

I’m always looking for someone who’s not there.
— Mike (1.2)

Motherland: Fort Salem

What good is sight when there’s nothing to look forward to?
— Tally (3.8)


Fairy tales are horror movies with happy endings.
— Hailey (2.10)

Sponsorships expire, but royalties last forever.
— Farrah (2.10)

Rule 88: Don’t ever forget, just cause a bitch good at keepin’ the peace don’t mean she ain’t good at wagin’ war.
— Uncle Clifford (2.10)

That ain’t no decision. That’s impulse, which is the sister of stupidity.
— Uncle Clifford (2.10)

I sell fantasy for work, so in real life, I need real life.
— Uncle Clifford (2.10)

Uncle Clifford Rule # 51081: Don’t try to be everyone’s cup of tea, cause then you ain’t gone have none to sip on for yourself
— Uncle Clifford (2.9)

Ready To Love

I am the song that you skipped and it became a top hit.
— Dominika (7.2)

The Breakfast Club

If I fell off, at least I was on.
Chance The Rapper

It’s better to be the stick than the pinata.
— Jessica Jackson

The Ms. Pat Show

Church is not a destination. It’s a street to where you need to get to.
— Ms. Pat

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