Collected Quotes For The Month Of September 2022

In this post you’ll find collected quotes from movies and televisions shows released throughout September 2022.

About Fate

When the universe hands you a gift, you can’t say no.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Season 3

Sometimes, the really good stuff begins only when something else ends.
— Miss Jenn (3.8)

House of the Dragon: Season 1

The road ahead is uncertain, but the end is clear.
— Otto (1.1)

Hard lessons are not welcomed but suffered.
— Mysaria (1.4)

You cannot live your life in far, or you will forsake the best parts of it.
— Daemon (1.4)

When one is never invited to speak, one learns instead to observe.
— Larys (1.5)

Industry: Season 2

Future selves, pesky fuckers to please.
— Kenny (2.6)

Thank God I didn’t spend my entire life pursuing this, because I feel exactly the same.
— Kenny (Quoting a young Oscar winner’s feelings the day after they won) (2.7)

Reputations are burned while they are enjoyed.
— Eric (2.7)

Every dollar, every client, you probe deep enough, an advantage has been taken, an angle has been played. Do you wanna operate within a system and be successful? Or do you want to dream you can change it and be left behind?
– Celeste (2.8)

Ours is power in performance. His is power in reality.
– Aurore (2.8)

Mike: Season 1

You’re so desperate for someone to love you that you’ll rewrite the story just so you feel love.
— Robin (1.3)

I don’t know how to fight to lose, only to win.
— Mike (1.3)

Ready To Love: Season 7

I’m not jealous but I am territorial.
— Jamala (7.9)

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