Character Guides Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row: Cast & Character Guide (with Spoilers)

Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row: Cast & Character Guide (with Spoilers)

A character guide for Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row featuring cast members names, character descriptions, storylines, and noteworthy information.

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Information is updated as new episodes are released/ watched, and images changed as better ones are captured.

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General Information

Amazon Prime
Creator(s)René Echevarria, Travis Beacham
Air DateAugust 30, 2019 – Present
  • Guilders is the currency of Burgue, and perhaps the human world.
  • It’s the 7th century as of season 1
  • One of the traditions of Pixie widows is to have a braid dedicated to the one they lost.

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Notable Locations


A continent.


The continent the fae come from, of which one of the territories we’re introduced to of their’s is Anoun.


Kingdom of Anoun as Philo and the dragoons traverse its highlands.

Anoun is a highland area kingdom where Vignette and Philo met.

Port Moradoon

A major port on the continent of Tirnanoc


A major human city, on the continent of Mesogea, which is at a difficult time in its history thanks to the influx of beings known as pixies and critch.

Additional Information About Burgue
  • It’s a republic and Balefire Hall is where its parliament like government meets.

Carnival Row

A section of Burgue where many Critch, Pixie, Centaur, and more live, work and struggle to survive. It’s considered the bad part of the city yet many, even the upper class, go there for things only those of Tirnanoc can make.

Tetterby Hotel

Though called a hotel, Tetterby is actually a pixie brothel.

The Crossing

A high-class area of Burgue.

Bleakness Keep

Bleakness Keep seen at night.

A fort-like prison where Darius is currently held.

Light of the Martyr – Foundling Home

The place where Darius and Philo met and grew up together as orphans.

Noteworthy Events

The Republic of Burgue vs. The Fae

A depiction of the war.

The war which began with humanities discovery of what was once thought of as fantasy beings which decimated Tirnanoc.

The Last Pact Advance

When the group known as “The Pact” took over Tirnanoc after the humans mostly left.

Unseelie Jack’s Assaults

Every three weeks, a sailor, who the Critch coined the name of “Unseelie Jack” for, would viciously hurt people. At least, until Philo stopped him.

The Murder of Aisling

The first notable death in the series by a Darkasher.

The Sequester Of Fae To Carnival Row

One of the first major acts Jonah puts in place as Chancellor which limits the fae community to Carnival Row.

Groups & Organizations

The Pact

What appears to be humans, using wolves, perhaps werewolves, to subjugate other creatures.

The Black Raven

A Pixie gang which does illegal activities for money, is led by Dahlia, and is anti-leggers to a point.

Terms & Other Information To Know


Something of the like of Frankenstein’s monster which is a mix of two beings brought to life.

Kingdoms of the Moon

A centuries-old story, modernized in the 7th century, which tells the story of a half-fae human seeking out her parents.

Tain Treaty

This is the treaty which ended the war with the Kingdom of Anoun and Burgue.

Critch/ Puck

Critch is the common, derogatory, term for the fae. However, when people, humanity mostly, want to be really offensive, they call Critch Pucks. Well, specifically is they are faun.


A nicer word than leggers for humans.


Those who sought out fae and pixies to become indentured servants for humanity


Tiny little fae, no bigger than a person’s hand, which are often kept as pets.


A popular, but illegal, substance that is addictive.


What Pixies, like Dahlia, call humans as a derogatory term.


A job Agreus once had in which he’d hunt indentured servants who tried to not fulfill their contracts.


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