All The Ugly and Wonderful Things: Part 2/ Chapters 7 to 9 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

As the intimacy between Kellen and Wavy gets noticed by third parties, you will find yourself having to constantly remember the age gap before you fall in love with the idea of these two being more than friends.

Chapter 7: Wavy – 1982

Uncle Sean is introduced in this chapter, and with him coming to Liam’s house comes nothing but drama for Wavy. Part of it is the usual drama of adults arguing, getting high and fighting, but the other part deals with Donal.

Being that Donal is 6 and doesn’t keep his distance like Wavy, he is showered with attention, of which he quite enjoys. To the point Wavy fears this boy she has helped to take care of will become like the people she dislikes, if not hates. However, he makes sure to let her know he isn’t stupid and fooled by all this attention. He is just enjoying the rare good times.


It’s sad, in a way, when a 12-year-old has become so traumatized by her family that she doesn’t even take note when they fight and fuss anymore. Much less, being how she experienced what cops do when they intervene, she weighs the trouble they could cause vs. that of which she witnesses. Then, come to the conclusion, calling the cops isn’t worth it.

But perhaps the sadder thing is Donal’s part in all this. He is but 6 years old in this chapter and while more verbal and social than Wavy, he is growing up in the same environment. He has to deal with witnessing his mom and dad fight, get high out of their minds, and also deal with Val’s bipolar moments. On top of that, his sister, barely a decade older, is one of the few people who he can trust and likely, so it seems, he recognizes he is probably one of the few, outside of Kellen, who she trusts and love. That is a lot of weight on a 6-year-old and it makes you wonder, even with him having fewer issues implanted in him, how that will affect his development.

Chapter 8: Butch – April 1982

Butch’s chapter is about two things. Establishing that when Wavy was 3, Val implanted the trauma which led to Wavy barely talking and that not everyone sees Kellen and Wavy’s relationship as normal. For while they are cute with their side conversations and how he trusts her with his money during a card game, they are also a bit inappropriate. The moment which sets off an alarm is Kellen kissing the bottom of Wavy’s feet. Something which, if he was her father, would be cute, a possible throwback to when she was a baby. However, with him being a grown man, it sets off red flags.


Butch confirmed for me what was already suspected. Val, likely during one of her episodes, planted the seed which made Wavy who she was. Also, Butch confirmed that I’m not the only one who finds their relationship a little too close considering their age gap. Yet, one could argue, Kellen is undoing the damage Val and Liam have done in her life. He gives her that sweetness a father would give his daughter and part of the reason he was kissing her foot was because, when he took off her worn-down boot, perhaps he saw callouses or something similar. Which, maybe, is something Wavy is insecure about but being that he wants to show he accepts her, flaws and all, he kissed them to show he loves them and her no matter what.

With that said, I’m trying to remember if Vic or Scott, the people who lost to Wavy in the card game, are mentioned again or not. Though, if I have to question if they are, I guess that means they are as insignificant as Mrs. Norton and Ms. Degrassi.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Kellen’s look is further fleshed out in this chapter. Butch notes he has a face like a plank, always looks half stoned, and barely opens his mouth when he talks.

Chapter 9: Wavy – July 1982

It has been around 6 years now and Kellen has become almost everything to Wavy. He is her best friend, her paternal figure, and the closest thing to love she knows. For he presents the type of consistency everyone wants. Such as him still buying her new boots every year and wanting to take her to school even though her high school is farther than her middle school. Plus, with him wanting her to have the winnings from that poker game, he shows he is a good guy. Almost to the point, one could argue, Wavy is spoiled.


There is the constant need to remind myself, no matter how cute these two are together, it isn’t like Kellen is just older by a few years. He is older by more than a decade. On top of that, Wavy is barely a teenager at this point! She is just getting into high school and yet they are snuggling in a meadow, she is rubbing her face into his body and the kiss on the lips. I know if I was Liam, screw a shotgun, I’d be pissed enough to want to do something which required being close and personal. Yet, with the type of family Wavy has, naturally no one seems to bat an eye. Well, maybe Val cares enough to hate Kellen but with how twisted she is, she might be jealous that Wavy has a better man in her life than she does.

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