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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

As we expand beyond Wavy and her blood relations, as well as Kellen, you begin to realize that the whole world she lives in, and the people in it, are quite screwed up. Very much human, could be someone you know, grew up with, or are related to, but that doesn’t make up for the way they treat each other. Especially just for the love, respect, or having peace with Liam.

Trigger Warning(s): Pedophile Vibes Begin

Chapter Summaries (with Commentary)

Chapter 10: Dee

Dee may not have no babies by Liam, may know she is only in his life because Val is messed up more than her, but a place in his life is better than nothing. I mean, imagine having nothing in this town Liam seems to be a big dog of. So, while she is forced to run Val and Liam’s kids to Val’s sister’s house, at least it shows she can be useful. I mean, she may not have Liam for the night but Kellen is nice enough to wait for her, give her a place to sleep, and big enough and last long enough to get her off. Plus he gives her some cash afterwards and a separate bed. It may not be the dream her mother had for her, but it is slightly above surviving.


The women of Liam’s life are quite interesting. If only because it seems he has a type. The kind who are easy to manipulate, who had the type of parents who seemingly wanted and expected more, yet here they are. Though, with Dee getting her own chapter you kind of get a full understanding of why Liam wanted everyone out by the farm. There, he controls everything. He seems to be one of the few big time money makers and employers and, like Dee said, ain’t much that can happen he won’t find out about. Making it where, with his jealousy and tantrums, you tip toe around him and do as he pleases. If only because, in that town, county, or what have you, he is king and could possibly not only have everyone not deal with you but maybe kill you and get away with it. Lord knows how much he has done to Val without a domestic violence charge which changed his lifestyle any.

Chapter 11: Amy

Wavy’s cousin gets another impromptu visit from her weird cousin and it’s as odd as usual. However, she likes how different Wavy is. She doesn’t play with dolls but instead plays poker. Her mom isn’t a housewife like her mom but instead walks around in tight black dresses with lace and has tall black shoes, with red painted toenails. And while Wavy leaves, once more, without the usual niceties, she leaves something behind again. Signaling maybe Amy isn’t alone in enjoying time with her cousin.


A part of me wonders what Amy and Wavy’s relationship will be like in the future. Also, what does Wavy think of Amy? Even in future chapters, I believe, we don’t hear Wavy’s point of view when it comes to the time she spends with Amy. She just goes there, spends time with her, and you can never be sure if it is because she likes Amy, maybe even sees her as a friend, or if she is just trying to avoid the adults making a fuss paying too much attention to her. Perhaps learning from when she was there last time and they nearly called the cops. Something we learn, Wavy isn’t that fond of. Cops that is.

Chapter 12: Kellen – July 1978

After being in Wavy’s life for awhile now, a year to be exact, it seems Wavy has grown to like and trust Kellen immensely. He feels the same. To the point where when he seems bruises and cuts on Wavy, which assumingly came from Liam, it makes him want to hurt that man. Yet, what can he do? While Kellen works at a motor shop with this man named Cutcheon, more than likely Liam is the one who leads to big pay days. So, like the women, he is trapped.

Speaking of women, so it seems, Kellen never really had one that might have not been sort of pushed on him by Liam. Sloppy seconds seems to be Kellen’s thing and he isn’t proud of it. Though, with Wavy, he is perhaps getting his first experience of a girl who likes spending time for him to be around him. That is, outside of his dead mom.


It’s very weird to read some of the things Kellen and Wavy do. Something you’ll read me write probably in every review of this book. For it is just hard to accept the intimacy between a 20 something-year-old and a 10-year-old. One in which she is learning intimacy, from the ground up, with someone who isn’t her father. I mean, she is learning, from my take, what it means to trust a man enough to hug you, pet you, and let you touch them without fear. Add on the fact she smells him, which I think comes from her rarely being close to anyone to really pick up their scent, and it is all very weird.


I’ll admit, if it wasn’t for her age, I’d swoon, and sometimes I forget how old she is since I’m not used to books like this which don’t make the guy seem like a pedophile or weirdo for allowing stuff like this. Yet, while I say this, I fully recognize I’m sexualizing something which is innocent as of this chapter. For her hand on his belly, any noting of her stepping between his knees and her saying Kellen is her boyfriend, doesn’t mean the same thing from a 10-year-old as it does someone Kellen’s age. Plus, he isn’t acting on this as if he is her age nor like he wants to take advantage of her. If anything, till a later chapter, he treats her like a kid he adopted and is trying to protect from her biological parents. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

1.      July 19th is Wavy’s birthday

2.   Wavy seems to be so good at math that she becomes the accountant for the garage Kellen works at. A place he has been working at for 4 years.

3.      It should be noted, Kellen is very proud of his native American heritage. 

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