All The Ugly and Wonderful Things: Part 2/ Chapters 1 to 3 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

In Part 2, so comes Wavy getting closer to Kellen and spending more and more time with him. Though their closeness comes with the need to really take note of what is going on.

Chapter Summaries (with Commentary)

Chapter 1: Kellen – December 1979

This is the chapter when things officially start getting weird. Kellen climbs into Wavy’s room, in the middle of the night, drunk, to give her glow stars. Stars which she keeps for the rest of her life, perhaps one of the few things she claims are her’s. However, what makes things weird is he spends the night and exchanged “I Love You” with Wavy. Thus really starting us down the road of their relationship.


With me finishing the book at this point, reading this part over again was a pleasant walk down memory lane. For while things will get both cute and creepy, to the point you have to constantly remind yourself of her and Kellen’s age, it’s a constant struggle. If only because usually when an older man takes interest in a younger girl, she is either a college student, if not at least above 18, or else they outright paint him as a pedophile. Though even when she is of age and he older, there is still some scent of exploitation and him taking advantage of her naiviety and him being put on this pedestal.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Wavy’s birthday is in July and Kellen’s in December

Chapter 2: Amy

Wavy returns to her cousin’s house and after Kellen climbing in her window and them exchanging notions of love, Wavy is hooked. She says he is her boyfriend and, at first, Brenda, Amy’s mom, is just happy her niece is socializing and being some form of normal. However, when Kellen arrives and she sees this is Wavy’s boyfriend, she immediately calls Val to start questioning things. For while Donal likes him, and Wavy adores him, she is extremely worried about the situation to the point she isn’t really keen to let them go with Kellen. However, with her husband not that keen on Brenda’s family, she lets them go.


You have to wonder, when it comes to Brenda, considering how odd Wavy is, does she have these family moments out of guilt because it is the Christian thing to do or a genuine love of family? For it is made clear her husband, especially after his first experience with Wavy, doesn’t want to really have much to do with her. So what is her deal? On top of that, I continually wonder why is it almost everyone but Liam and Val are taking care of their kids? Are these women so in love with Liam they think treating his kids well will get them a leg up? Then with Kellen, I don’t know about you, but I can’t picture some southern white folk all that keen on some huge Native American chap taking care of my kid and, as we saw in a past chapter, them coming at my neck over how I talk to her. But that’s just me.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Leslie was in the 8th grade at this point. Making Amy around grade 9 or 10.
  2. Wavy is 10 as of this chapter
  3. Kellen is explained to be a behemoth, bigger than the Hulk on TV, and having a big gold cap alongside his shy smile. Also, he has multiple tattoos.

Chapter 3: Kellen – August 1980

A different side to Kellen is revealed in this chapter. The gentle giant is shown to be one of Liam’s men, one of his drug runners, a killer when he has to be. Yet there is something about Wavy that makes him go south. Be it the fact she is so doll like and innocent, perhaps her flinching when he rolls up a dirty magazine to hide it, making it seem she is used to getting hit, or how she went to his home as some type of safe place. Though, not to forget, she not only got into his home but did laundry, got groceries, and cleaned. Sort of like a housewife but perhaps more to return the favor for when he did so for her. Making it where you fully get to see that she sees him as the family that Liam and Val aren’t capable of giving her, outside of Donal. Hence also why she has him sign her school registration form.


She is a very strange girl this Wavonna Quinn. In the chapter, Kellen confesses to killing two men but this gets hardly any reaction out of her. Instead, she just helps massage the stress out of Kellen’s shoulders. Almost as if, as long as he isn’t hurting her and is doing right by her, nothing else matters. Makes you wonder if she is that way because she realizes people like Kellen, especially in that area, are slim pickings, or if she truly loves him to the point she accepts his faults? Like, how much is Wavy willing to allow or not take note of since Kellen is putting in the effort to be a parent to her?

Then again, with a momma like Val, who knows? Maybe she is just following in her momma’s footsteps but at least with a man who is of little to no threat to her.

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