Spiral Cast and Character Guide (with Ending Spoilers)

A guide for the film “Spiral.” Noted are cast members, information about their character(s), and additional details about the film’s story and characters.

Please Note: This content contains pertinent spoilers, descriptions are updated as new information is presented, images changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.

General Information

Director(s) Darren Lynn Bousman
Screenplay By Josh Stolberg, Pete Goldfinger
Date Released (Theatrical) 5/13/2021


For nearly 12 years, Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks has taken a lot of s*** for turning in his former partner who killed a witness of a crooked cop. Because of this, Zeke has been on everyone’s s*** list, and even when he was in need of backup, not a single one of his fellow cops showed up – thus leading to him almost dying when he got shot.

However, even with his son nearly dying because of the cops under his command, former police chief Marcus Banks never truly recovered from his son snitching on another cop. Thus, they became distant, even as Zeke’s marriage fell apart and Zeke’s career as a cop became more and more dangerous.

But, with Zeke standing up for those not protected under Marcus’ Article 8 – which was used to “Clean Up The City,” it makes him the perfect target for the new Jigsaw. Someone who aims to get rid of crooked cops only and thus picks off Zeke’s co-workers one by one and tasks Zeke with finding them. Them being the cops and the new Jigsaw.

Cast & Character Guide

Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.


Zeke (Chris Rock) and William (Max Minghella) during the investigation into the Jigsaw copycat
Zeke (Chris Rock) and William (Max Minghella) during the investigation into the Jigsaw copycat | Brooke Palmer

Infamous for selling out a crooked cop, Zeke has become the black sheep amongst the force and one of the few good cops left in the South Metro Police Division. But, with the rise of the Jigsaw copycat, who targets cops, don’t think this means the force coming together and healing old wounds. For with Zeke getting shot due to lack of backup previously, he’d rather go alone than even trust his new partner. Who seems rather excited to be partnered with him.


The former police chief who, under Article 8, helped clean up the city, is also the one who receives a lot of blame for the state of the South Metro Police Division. However, while someone who strongly believes in the Blue Wall, when his son is punished for snitching on a cop, he goes ballistic. This isn’t to say this helps heal their relationship, but, at the very least, it shows Ezekiel hasn’t been completely disowned.


Top of his class, and the new kid on the block, he is paired with Zeke since Zeke has gotten to avoid getting a partner for ages. But, unbeknownst to Zeke, he and William have a history that explains why there was so much excitement in them being paired up.

Spiral Ending (Spoilers)

It is revealed William is the new Jigsaw, and the reason he chose Zeke was because Zeke testified against the man who killed his dad. So William saw him as a good cop amongst many crooked. Now, as for why William decided to be a cop? Well, it seems to get close to Zeke to see if, after 12 years, he was still clean and the real deal.

However, being that William still has a bone to pick about his dad’s death, the film ends with Marcus strung up to die, with Zeke pushed to choose between shooting William or shooting a target that would free Marcus. After some contemplation, Zeke frees his dad, or so he thinks.

What ends up happening, while Zeke punches the mess out of William, is a S.W.A.T. team comes in and a wire is put on the door they have to break in, and that wire not only lifts Marcus back up into a position to bleed out but for him to also raise a weapon. Thus, while William gets away, Zeke is forced to watch his dad get decimated by at least half a dozen officers. Leaving Zeke filled with rage and William able to live another day.

Does Spiral Have Prequel/ Sequel Potential?

Zeke (Chris Rock) after dealing with a trap

Yes. William lived and killed two police chiefs, Marcus and his successor, as well as multiple cops. So even if you understand why he did it, he isn’t going to get away with it. Especially since, with Zeke having nothing but his son left, who he can’t even see because of his ex-wife, that means he has time and frustration. Add in between him and another cop the possibility of becoming chief? Oh, more than likely, the full power of the force will be used to take down William.

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