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Enemy fire everywhere as the Mandalorians face off against Moff Gideon and his beskar armored stormtroopers. Who will grab control of Mandalore in this epic battle?

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The Mandalorian Season 3/Episode 8 – Chapter 24, “The Return,” is an all-out battle in full force as the Mandalorians fight for control of their home planet Mandalore against Moff Gideon and his beskar armored stormtroopers!

Aired (Disney+) March 19, 2023
Director(s) Rick Famuyiwa
Writer(s) John Favreau
Previously Noted Characters
The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) Pedro Pascal
Grogu David Acord
Bo-Katan Kryze Katee Sackhoff
Greef Karga Carl Weathers
The Armorer Emily Swallow
Moff Gideon Giancarlo Esposito
Captain Carson Teva Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
Axe Woves Simon Kassianides
Koska Reeves Mercedes Varnado
IG-11 Taika Waititi


Battle for Mandalore – Mando, Grogu Manned IG-12, Bo-Katan Kryze, Moff Gideon, Axe Woves, Koska Reeves, R5-D4, Three Praetorian Guards

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The Mandalorians Face Off Against Moff Gideon and his Stormtroopers! “The Mandalorian” Director: Rick Famuyiwa 2023

Now this is how a season finale is done! The season has been lacking with so much divided attention to subplots, but Episode 8 – chapter 24, titled “The Return,” opens on a pulsating beat picking up exactly where it left off as Bo-Katan leads the charge of Mandalorians out of The Great Forge and into the air as she ushers orders to formulate a plan of attack in retaliation against Moff Gideon. All hell has broken out with three simultaneously divided factions. Bo-Katan and all the Mandalorians she can muster are engaged in an aerial attack, Axe pilots the cruiser fighting off tie fighters as a rouse to distract attention from the ship being deserted by all the Mandalorians to assist Bo-Katan, and last, but not least, Mando and Grogu are fighting for their lives to overtake and kill Moff Gideon. Such breathtaking eye candy is present and how nice it is to see all the Mandalorians united.

Meanwhile, Mando is being dragged down the hall in captivity by two stormtroopers when he manages to get free and takes one stormtrooper out, but is overpowered by the other when in steps Grogu, surprisingly all alone in his IG-12 manned droid, where he easily gets the jump on the other stormtrooper. It is an admirable moment to see Grogu coming into his own. His newfound, slight, independence speaks to a more empowered team effort by him and Mando, and in that vein, the two commit to getting rid of Moff Gideon for good.

It is great to see R5-D4 as reminiscent of R2-D2, more prominently featured in this episode as Mando enlists his services to take down the barrier shields as the dynamic duo makes their way to Moff Gideon’s main room of operation. He is still a bit timid, yet determined as he comically kicks at some pesky interfering mouse droids before bidding a quick adieu at mission end. Mando and Grogu unwittingly find a room full of Moff Gideon clones which are at the heart of his nefarious plans to rule with force-infused clone DNA. Mando in a quick fashion releases them from their pods destroying them altogether.

Mando and Grogu enter the next chamber and are met by an incensed Moff Gideon in his Darth Vader-like black armor who fiercely lunges at Mando and mid-fight the three very cool-looking Praetorians, all dressed in their deadly red intervene and are about to inflict mortal damage when Grogu aims to stop them ushering in his comically robotic “No, No, No!”

It is heartwarming to see these two fight together, and it is almost a foregone conclusion that they will triumph. After all, who could beat out a father and son so devoted to one another, and who would want to see them defeated? Grogu, still asserting his newly acquired droid strength, does get their attention turned from Mando, but now on him, where he is not their equal. The IG-12 armor is destroyed, and he only manages to allude them until Big Papa comes to the Rescue!

Bo-Katan – Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down – Bo-Katan Kryze, Axe Woves, The Armorer, Mando, Grogu, Moff Gideon, The Mandalorians

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The Incomparable Bo-Katan! “The Mandalorian” Director: Rick Famuyiwa 2023

No worries as Bo-Katan swoops in, replacing Mando, and takes over to seek her much-needed revenge on Gideon. After all, Gideon had taken everything from her, including her rule and her dark saber, and he slaughtered many of her people in his treacherous betrayal. Gideon is a tough adversary to beat, and as she will not relinquish the dark saber, he destroys it. Whatever, it was just a symbol! All of her people have already accepted and rightfully respect her as the leader, so in your so-to-speak face, Moff!

Home Sweet Home – Mando, Grogu, Bo-Katan Kryze, Greef Karga, The Armorer, Captain Carson Teva, IG-12,

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All Hail the Return to Mandalore! “The Mandalorian” Director: Rick Famuyiwa 2023

The battle rages on as Axe escapes from the inflamed cruiser, and it explosively crashes below, engulfing The Great Forge, where Mando and Bo-Katan only narrowly escape, thanks to Grogu surrounding them in an invisible barrier. Unfortunately for Moff Gideon, he is not included! The great battle ends on a triumphant note for the Mandalorians!

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Much Needed Rest! “The Mandalorian” Director: Rick Famuyiwa 2023

Life still exists on Mandalore as plants still thrive, so the Mandalorians reclaim their home planet with the baptism of two apprentices with one being, be still my heart, the newly adopted Grogu Din! The Armorer says go off into the world and train your apprentice, which is what most have been waiting for all season! Mando returns to Captain Carson to strike a deal for the New Republic on the hush-hush bounty hunter commissions of the outer rim – hopefully ushering in a return to the series being more squarely focused on Din Djarin and his newly adopted son Grogu Din. All in all, the writers pulled it off with a very rewarding and exciting climax. Greef Karga gives Mando the land promised, complete with a cute cabin to call home. Cut to the restful scene of Mando rocking back in a chair on the porch and Grogu levitating a frog amazingly without promptly eating him.

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Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

1. What has happened to Dr. Pershing?

2. How will Elia Kane’s storyline be continued now that Moff Gideon is supposedly dead?

3. What is the connection between Grogu and the Mythosaur?

What Could Happen Next

1. A return to “The Mandalorian” of seasons 1 and 2 with Mando and Grogu figuring more promptly.

2. The mythosaur rises.

Collected Quote(s)

Bo-Katan Kryze – We’re stronger together!

2023 04 19 17 27 29 339
“The Mandalorian” Season 3/Episode 8 – Chapter 24 “The Return”
This season finale was exciting from beginning to end as the stakes are upped in an all-out battle for Mandalore! The climax sets up season 4 with what appears to be a welcome return to the main focus being on our two heroes - Din Djarin and now newly adopted Grogu Din.
The triple loaded fight scenes split between Mando & Grogu, Axe in the cruiser fighting off the tie fighters, and Bo-Katan and the united Mandalorians.
Grogu actually fighting in his IG-12 manned droid.
The Mandalorians reclaiming their home planet of Mandalore.
Grogu being formally and officially adopted by Din Djarin. Welcome Grogu Din!
The seeming connection between Grogu and the Mythosaur.

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