Delving into a whirlwind of espionage, emotional revelations, and confronting the shadows of the drug market, this episode masterfully intertwines the fates of its characters, offering both thrill and poignant introspection.

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General Information

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Release Date (08/09/2023)
Director(s) Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s) Rob Cullen


Noted Characters and Cast
Joe Washington Deon Cole
Angela Washington Tammy Townsend
Leon Montgomery Malcolm Barrett
Jennifer (Jen) Washington Ashley Olivia Fisher
Touch Michael Trucco
Dimitri Chris Petrovski
Cathy Montgomery Cynthia Caye McWilliams



The episode delves straight into a cheerful flashback, showcasing Leon engrossed in a playful game of ‘cops and robbers’, armed with a nail gun. Joe stumbles upon this scene, teasing Leon about the quirks that later inspire Leon’s moniker, the “nail man.” The narrative then hurtles forward, with Leon ambushed by a Russian operative during a break-in at a garage. Undeterred, Leon uses his nail gun to tackle this adversary. Concurrently, Angela deciphers the imminent danger from Nicolai’s agents and devises a crafty strategy to safeguard herself.

Sergeant Pamela, on her mission to rescue the team, touches upon the poignant past of Officer Touch, marred by opioid addiction. As the story unfolds at the Russian lakeside base, Joe grapples with the daunting task of orchestrating an escape plan for his expectant daughter. In another subplot, Cathy’s search for a buyer for her mysterious product culminates in a potential deal.

The climax is rife with tension. Joe and Leon’s rescue mission at the Russian base is initially triumphant with Jennifer’s extraction. However, the victory is short-lived when a retaliatory attack from Arina causes a vehicular accident, jeopardizing their escape.


Quick Thinking

Arina Kathrine Barnes Jennifer Ashley Olivia Fisher Nicolai D Pasha D. Lychnikoff Average Joe S1EP9 S1EP9 Sounds Like Nail Man e1691898828476
“Jennifer Washington (Ashley Olivia Fisher),” “Nicolai (Pasha D. Lychnikoff)”, “Arina (Kathrine Barnes),” Average Joe, “Sounds Like Mail Man” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Jennifer’s pivotal moment arrives when she decodes a silent message from her father. The knowledge that she bears Nicolai’s grandchild, an invaluable bargaining chip, empowers her. She audaciously uses this fact to challenge an armed henchman of Nicolai’s.

However, Arina, with maternal instincts aflame, prioritizes retrieving her child. She doesn’t hesitate to alert Nicolai when sensing Jennifer’s absence.

Emotional Resilience

Angela (Tammy Townsend) Tony (Micah Thompson) S1EP9/ Sounds Like Nail Man
“Angela Washington (Tammy Townsend),” “Tony (Micah Thompson)”, Average Joe, “Sounds Like Mail Man” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Amidst the tumult, Angela shares an emotionally charged moment with Tony, an acquaintance from the hospital. Their shared narratives reveal Tony’s misdemeanors in love, and the gunshot wound it earned him. Angela, initially reticent, eventually confides about her ordeal at the hands of a Russian mobster. Tony’s insight forces Angela to confront a bitter truth about her husband Joe’s potential role in her predicament.

This epiphany, coupled with Angela’s astute observations, helps her uncover a lurking threat: a seemingly benign hospital visitor with sinister intentions. Angela’s resourcefulness shines when she neutralizes this threat with just water and a defibrillator.


Cathy’s arc, though intriguing, treads on sensitive territory. Her endeavor to sell a kilo lands her in dire straits, leading her to consume heroin. The portrayal is disconcerting, especially when juxtaposed with Officer Touch’s recent victory over opioid addiction. As Cathy teeters on the brink of addiction, one cannot help but question the narrative choice given its potential implications for a beloved character.


Why was Angela targeted?

Angela was targeted by the pierogi-loving mobster solely due to her connection with Joe. Although she initially denied her husband was complicit in the matter, a conversation with Tony suggests Joe’s involvement might be the reason she’s in danger.

Is there any insight into why Tony was shot by his wife?

Tony confides in Angela that he was shot by his wife after he had been a bad partner. He says that she remained supportive despite his mistakes, giving a sense of his past and possibly foreshadowing Angela’s relationship dynamics with Joe.

How did Angela incapacitate the intruder?

Using water and a defibrillator on his head.

Arina Kathrine Barnes Jennifer Ashley Olivia Fisher Nicolai D Pasha D. Lychnikoff Average Joe S1EP9 S1EP9 Sounds Like Nail Man e1691898828476
Average Joe: Season 1/ Episode 9 “Sounds Like Mail Man” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
This episode undeniably stands out, not just for its action-packed sequences but for the emotional depths it plumbs. While Leon's heroics and Angela's tenacity are commendable, the narrative decision to delve into Cathy's potential addiction, especially after Officer Touch's recent struggles, feels somewhat gratuitous. While it's essential for shows to tackle pressing societal issues, they must tread carefully to avoid veering into the realm of sensationalism. One hopes that future episodes handle such topics with the sensitivity they demand.
Quick Thinking
Emotional Resilience

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