Average Joe: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Ride Or Die” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)

In this gripping episode, Jennifer trades herself for her mother’s safety to the notorious Russian crime boss Nicolai, who is determined to extract her unborn child.

General Information

More From The Series
Previous Episode: “Prisoners” Next Episode: “Sounds Like Mail Man”
Release Date (08/03/2023)
Director(s) Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s) Rob Cullen

Noted Characters and Cast
Joe Washington Deon Cole
Angela Washington Tammy Townsend
Leon Montgomery Malcolm Barrett
Jennifer (Jen) Washington Ashley Olivia Fisher
Touch Michael Trucco
Dimitri Chris Petrovski
Cathy Montgomery Cynthia Caye McWilliams


The episode begins with an insightful flashback, offering the audience a glimpse into Jennifer’s love for Dimitri, the son of the infamous Russian crime boss Nicolai Dughesvelli. The present-day storyline starts with Jennifer undergoing a check-up from a private healthcare provider in the company of Arina and Nicolai. Concurrently, a distressed Angela pleads with Joe to rescue their daughter before being transported to the hospital in Pamela’s patrol car.

Amid these events, Touch is extricated from a precarious situation when Leon pays a visit and the officer fabricates a story about his confinement by Sergeant Pamela Talford. Following his release, the narrative shifts to Cathy, still engrossed in her pursuit to locate the missing millions established in the previous episode. She remains resolute, insisting to return to the first lead if the case goes cold. This determination leads her to valuable information about a person named Eddie Philsky and to the shocking discovery that her beloved Jen is in the clutches of the Russians.

Meanwhile, Nicolai is seen celebrating with champagne, oblivious to Arina’s fervent desire to reunite with her daughter. Joe shares this goal, scouring Milly’s, a Pierogi shop that Angela had overheard the Pierogi-enthusiast Nicolai express interest in acquiring before his departure to Russia.

So Be It

In a tension-filled scene, Jennifer Washington is subjected to the penetratingly violent gaze of Nicolai as the ultrasound technician diligently searches for any sign of the baby Jen claimed to carry. The audience, on edge, tries to decipher the thoughts of the looming mob boss. Nicolai has made his intention clear: he plans to extract the baby from Jen upon reaching Russia, emphasizing the necessity of her pregnancy as it could potentially prolong her life.

Fortunately, the technician’s perseverance pays off. The sight of the baby on the grainy screen prompts Nicolai to holster his gun, filling the room with relief. This chilling scene underscores Nicolai’s ruthless and psychopathic disposition, showing his willingness to eliminate Jen had she lied and proven to be an obstacle in his sinister legacy.

Family Reunion

Sergeant Pamela Talford and Officer Touch visit Pamela’s mother to extract information about Nicolai. Initially, Angela’s mother appears defensive and storms out of the compound. Officer Touch, however, manages to delve into the psyche of this former cop and mother.

He reveals that she’s not as rigid as her daughter might believe and uncovers her motivation for murdering her partner—threats made by Nicolai against Pamela’s life. She admits that the decision to kill her partner, Samuel Banks, was immediate and taken without hesitation to secure her daughter’s safety.

Nicolai, who had been waiting outside Pamela’s apartment years ago, had threatened her with the same fate. This revelation provides insight into Pamela’s mother’s reluctance to divulge information, a likely outcome of fear and the resigned acceptance of her imprisonment. Officer Touch’s probing leads to crucial information—a lead in the search for Jen.


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Thinking Ahead

Jennifer Washington Ashley Fisher Arina Kathrine Barnes Average Joe S1EP8 Ride or Die
“Jennifer Washington (Ashley Olivia Fisher)” and “Arina (Kathrine Barnes),” Average Joe, “Ride Or Die” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Pamela and Joe engage in a candid conversation about the unfolding situation after a prolonged period of secrets and obscured truths. Both realize they are dealing with a vast range of possibilities. The crux of the matter is that Nicolai will stop at nothing to claim his son’s creation—Jen’s unborn baby.

Joe discovers that Jen had reached out to Nicolai, offering herself and the baby in exchange for Angela’s safety. Pamela, intent on locating them, speculates that Nicolai might attempt to flee to Russia. Joe suggests shutting down the local airport, unaware that a high-profile figure like Nicolai would depart privately from a secluded airstrip, as Pamela informs him. It is highly important to have minds on the case like Sergeant Pamela Talford or else this mission would have a success rate cut in half.

A Bit of Humor

In a comically tense moment, Joe and Leon scrutinize a parking lot, reminiscing about the past until Leon tactlessly congratulates a distraught Joe on becoming a grandfather. The bizarre event of Jen’s pregnancy, involving Dimitri, the son of the villain who abducted her, doesn’t escape Joe’s contemplation.

Adding to the comedic relief, their investigation at the pierogi shop leads them to a lavish estate hosting a sweet sixteen party. Their intent to locate Joe’s precious daughter gets them chased by a group of Eastern European men dressed in somber hues. This humorous encounter serves to humanize even the most dubious characters, demonstrating that they too have families and obligations.

Caught On Camera

Cathy Montgomery Cynthia Caye McWilliams Average Joe S1EP8 Ride or Die
“Cathy Montgomery (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams),” Average Joe, “Ride Or Die,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Following Jen’s kidnapping, Cathy’s despair is palpable. Cynthia Caye McWilliams, who portrays Mrs. Montgomery, gives a stellar performance, embodying the character’s fear, sadness, and eventual rage. Cathy’s complex emotions stemming from Jen’s abduction by the ruthless crime boss hint at an ensuing plot.

Her resourcefulness leads her to a property linked to clues she found in Joe’s office. The investigation unearths a substantial quantity of a mysterious substance, initially mistaken for cocaine but later identified as potent heroin by a recovering addict she targets outside of sober living. This revelation sets Cathy on a new, perilous journey.


Smell The Daisies

Serg. Pamela Ashani Roberts Angela Tammy Townsend Joe Deon Cole Leon Malcolm Barrett Touch Michael Trucco Average Joe S1EP8 Ride or Die
“Pamela Talford (Ashani Roberts),” “Angela Washington (Tammy Townsend),“ “Joe Washington (Deon Cole),” and “Officer Touch (Michael Trucco),” “Leon Montgomery (Malcolm Barrett)” at the hospital, Average Joe, “Ride Or Die” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

As Angela recovers from her abduction injuries, she’s visited by a man with a dog named Daisy. Under the guise of providing future canine therapy sessions, he acquires Angela’s room number. Unbeknownst to her, he’s an operative working for Nicolai and the mob. This critical lapse in judgment sets up the ensuing drama and ends the episode on a cliffhanger.


Why did Jennifer offer herself to Nicolai?

Jennifer made the decision to trade herself and her unborn child to Nicolai to ensure the safety of her mother, Angela.

What is Nicolai’s interest in Jennifer’s unborn baby?

The unborn baby is the creation of Nicolai’s son, Dimitri, making it his grandchild. Nicolai is determined to have the baby under his control to continue his lineage.

What is Cathy’s new plot after learning about Jennifer’s kidnapping?

Cathy discovers a house with a mysterious substance, later identified as strong heroin. It’s implied that she plans to sell it, indicating the start of her retrieving the millions she feels everyone deserves.

Why did Pamela’s mother kill her partner, Samuel Banks?

Pamela’s mother was threatened by Nicolai who said he would kill her daughter, Pamela. In a desperate attempt to save her child, she chose to kill her partner, Samuel Banks, as commanded by Nicolai.

How does the episode end?

The episode concludes on a high note of suspense as Angela, while recovering in the hospital, unknowingly gives her room number to an operative of Nicolai’s mob.

Who is Arina expecting at the dock?

Nicolai has alerted Arina of her daughter’s arrival showing her a picture of her little girl on a plane.

Where is Nicolai headed with Jen and when?

He plans to leave the following morning to Russia.
Jennifer Washington Ashley Fisher Dimitri Dzhugashvilli Chris Petrovski Average Joe S1EP8 22Ride Or Die22 e1691271535729
Average Joe: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Ride Or Die” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
In this gripping episode, Jennifer trades herself for her mother's safety to the notorious Russian crime boss Nicolai, who is determined to extract her unborn child; amidst the tension, there are instances of comic relief and high-stakes drama, ending on a tense note as Angela unwittingly gives away her location to Nicolai's operative.
A Bit of Humor
Thinking Ahead

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