Angela Washington Tammy Townsend Jennifer Ashley Olivia Fisher Joe Deon Cole

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Release Date (07/20/2023)
Director(s) Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s) Rob Cullen
Noted Characters and Cast
Joe Washington Deon Cole
Angela Washington Tammy Townsend
Leon Montgomery Malcolm Barrett
Jennifer (Jen) Washington Ashley Olivia Fisher
Touch Michael Trucco
Dimitri Chris Petrovski
Cathy Montgomery Cynthia Caye McWilliams


“Green and Blue” initiates with a nostalgic glance into the Washington’s past, unfurling a Christmas memory that subtly portends future happenings. Amid the familial warmth of Christmas, a deer’s head gift from Joe’s father ominously foreshadows forthcoming events. Then episode seven, “Prisoners,” unveils Nicolai’s sadistic streak as he ruthlessly deals with the careless trust-fund babies who flippantly filmed with his son Dimitri’s severed head. An enigmatic figure, Touch, is targeted by Cathy in a plan, revealing her sly mind and orchestrating an active shooter scenario designed to distract the local authorities and buy time. The Washington family comes under intense scrutiny from the mob leading to a tense separation between Jennifer and her sickly mother. 


Unraveling Complexities – Pamela, Nicolai, Joe, Touch

Sergeant Pamela Talford is embroiled in unraveling the unsettling correlation between Teddy Washington’s tragic demise in a recent house fire and his connections to Nicolai, the formidable Russian mob boss, and Dimitri’s father. As she persistently navigates this complex maze of relationships, she is met with a surprising intervention by the state governor. With her mother’s freedom from a baseless murder charge at stake, she faces undue pressure to drop Nicolai’s case. Yet, Talford stands firm, refusing to forsake her convictions.

Her interaction with Touch at the hospital in “Prisoners” deepens the intrigue as she begins to discern the depth of his knowledge about the unfolding events. Touch, battling the throes of withdrawal, inadvertently confesses to staging his wife’s death, revealing yet another layer of the intricate plot. Talford’s relentless pursuit of truth eventually leads her to Joe, who is consoling his distressed wife at a diner they were all brought to by the machinations of Nicolai.

A High-Stakes Exit – Cathy, Touch, Pamela, Joe

Joe Washington Deon Cole S1Ep6Green and Blue
“Joe Washington (Deon Cole),” in his attic, Average Joe, “Green and Blue” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+) 

Leveraging the diversion created by Cathy and Touch, the cunningly resourceful team sets out to recover their hidden fortune. Joe returns to his former residence, discovering a solitary million stashed within the deer’s head, a grim treasure that doubles as a weapon against a Russian assassin on his trail. Meanwhile, Joe’s looming set of eyes, Sergeant Pamela, is conspicuously absent. 

Joe manages to find a hiding spot, silently observing as Sergeant Pamela Talford seizes a framed picture from the wall. She presents the photograph to the Russian mobster, who is progressively weakening from blood loss on the floor. Upon questioning, the mobster confirms that his assailant was indeed Joe. Given the circumstances, it was a stroke of remarkable fortune that Joe escaped unscathed.


The Ruthless Tactician – Nicolai, Arina, Angela, Joe

Nicolai, the bereaved father turned merciless mob boss, exploits the gaps in the Washington family’s defensive strategy, particularly during Joe’s absence. He cunningly leverages Arina to coerce Angela into securing her daughter’s safety, demanding Joe’s sacrifice in return. Angela, however, displays a fortitude that mirrors her husband’s, refusing to yield. Concurrently, Joe remains preoccupied with safeguarding his monetary reserves.

The viewer who grasps the depth of Angela’s suffering, as she steadfastly supports her husband amid his relentless drive for self-validation, may find the situation profoundly unsettling. Arina, cunning and perceptive, observes this, yet even when confronted with Angela’s desperate attempt to threaten her with an unloaded gun, she exhibits no mercy.

Dark Reveries – Touch

Touch Michael Trucco S1EP6 Green and Blue e1691082519322
“Touch (Michael Trucco)” at home in his bed, Average Joe, “Prisoners” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Pamela Talford, driven and relentless, seeks to extract every piece of information from the tormented police officer who battles with addiction. His mental anguish is vividly depicted as he slips into a hallucinatory state during his withdrawal phase. In this unsettling dream, his little girl presents him with the very same unsecured gun, promising him an end to his suffering should he turn the weapon upon himself.

This disturbing sequence skillfully mirrors the somber undertones pervading the season’s conclusion, tying together multiple narrative strands in a chilling crescendo. Albeit, it is still very concerning, and viewer discretion is sincerely advised.

The Unforeseen Catalyst – Jennifer

Joe Washington Deon Cole Jennifer Ashley Fisher S1EP7 Prisoners e1691086681108
“Joe Washington (Deon Cole),” and “Jennifer Washington (Olivia Fisher)” listening to Nicolai and Angela over the phone, Average Joe, “Prisoners” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Jennifer, typically relegated to the background with her tearful demeanor, assumes a pivotal role in the narrative. It’s through her that the Washingtons find themselves inextricably linked to Dimitri Dzughasvilli, sparking a chain of dangerous and dramatic events. The latter half of episode six sees Jennifer uneasily sharing a car ride with Nicolai, a formidable Russian mobster who keeps both the relentless Sergeant Pamela and the entire Washington family on high alert.

An unexpected revelation places Jennifer at the center of Nicolai’s focus – she’s carrying Dimitri’s child. The news hits Angela and Joe like a thunderbolt, intensifying their apprehension given Nicolai’s unhinged nature. After witnessing Nicolai brutally murder his own wife in the past, they can only imagine the potential horrors that could unfold. This development grips the audience with anticipation, adding a new layer of suspense as the narrative progresses.

Who sent the gift of a deer’s head to Angel Washington during the flashback Christmas scene?

The deer’s head was a gift from Joe’s father, subtly foreshadowing forthcoming events.

Why did Cathy orchestrate an active shooter scenario in the town?

Cathy designed this ploy to distract local authorities, creating a diversion to buy everyone some time as they hunted for their hidden fortune.

What does Angela Washington do when threatened by Arina?

Despite the threat to her daughter’s safety, Angela shows remarkable fortitude, refusing to sacrifice Joe. In a tense stand-off, she even pulls an unloaded gun on Arina and Nicolai.

Angela Washington Tammy Townsend Jennifer Ashley Olivia Fisher Joe Deon Cole
Average Joe: Season 1/ Episode 6/7 “Green and Blue” and “Prisoners” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
In these episodes, we delve into the Christmas past of the Washingtons, setting a tone of ominous foreshadowing with a deer's head gift from Joe's father. As the plot unfolds, we witness the malicious depths of Nicolai's character when he exacts a ruthless revenge on the reckless trust-fund youths who took a cavalier snapshot with his son Dimitri's decapitated head.
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Unraveling Complexities
High-Stakes Exits
Dark Reveries

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