This episode of “Average Joe” concludes with more questions than answers, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. As the web of intrigue tightens, the anticipation for the next episode becomes almost palpable. The stage is set for a series of explosive revelations and confrontations. Don’t miss the next episode as the hunt for…

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This installment of “Average Joe” brilliantly weaves together a tapestry of intrigue, suspense, and character evolution that leaves the audience hungry for more. We encounter a seasoned female assassin whose chameleon-like abilities allow her to seamlessly transition from a Russian operative to an unassuming Atlantan teacher. Officer Touch, a master manipulator, expertly uses his position to pry information from Sergeant Pamela, exploiting his knowledge of the community to eliminate damning security footage and reduce the risk for Leon and his team. 

Stumbling Blocks

Leon’s growing incompetence is underscored as additional information spills into the open, painting an increasingly dubious picture of the man in the shadows. Yet, amidst this whirlwind of confusion and potential catastrophe, Cathy, a beacon of feminine charm, encourages Jennifer to bury the hatchet with her father, Joe. Despite Joe’s emphatic assertion that the hunt for hidden wealth is over, Cathy persuades Jennifer to rekindle her adventurous spirit in order to boost morale for resuming the search.

Coming Full Circle

Average Joe
“Cathy Montgomery (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams),” “Joe Washington (Deon Cole),” and “Angela Washington (Tammy Townsend)” discussing their next move, Average Joe, “The Above Average Schoolteacher” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

The episode sets the stage with a tense yet heartwarming display of camaraderie as the Pittsburgh parents, Touch and Jen, huddle together to chart their next course of action. Cathy, with her indomitable spirit, vehemently challenges Joe’s resolution to abandon their quest, sparking a chorus of agreement from the rest of the team, including Leon, who is apparently swayed more by his desire for peace with his wife than personal conviction.

Unyielding Valor

Average Joe, “The Above Average Schoolteacher,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)
“Sgt. Pamela Talford (Ashani Roberts)” and Officer Touch (Michael Trucco) at a local hangout spot, Average Joe, “The Above Average Schoolteacher,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

As the plot thickens, Sergeant Pamela faces a challenging predicament as she finds herself at the mercy of a dismissive task force that had already been clued into her mother’s alleged exploits as a “cop killer.” Officer Touch takes advantage of this opportunity to worm his way into Pamela’s confidence, effectively rattling her hardened exterior and coaxing crucial details from her. Touch even pays some other officers to essentially bully her at a local bar seemingly frequented by those uniformed in blue. Pamela’s naivety about the scope of Touch’s involvement in the case she’s working on adds an intriguing layer of complexity to their dynamic.



A New Kind of Femme Fatale (Anything But Average)

Average Joe, “The Above Average Schoolteacher,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)
“Arina (Kathrine Barnes)” after a merciless hit on Nicolai’s targets, Average Joe, “The Above Average Schoolteacher,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

“Arina,” a new character and fiercely capable assassin, previously loyal to Nicolai, stands as a testament to female empowerment. Arina’s dream of a peaceful life as a teacher in America belies her lethal past. The very beginning shows she had exterminated a whole room in a fancy hotel while pregnant with an incredibly bad-ass shot of her walking outside the hotel barefoot— like pregnant women typically do. We catch a tantalizing glimpse of her unflinching resolve when a surprise visit from Nicolai leaves her shaken yet resolute. This unexpected confrontation, coupled with an offer to reunite with her daughter, triggers a strong response, leaving no doubt that she’s committed to unearthing Dimitri’s killer/s.

Arina defies stereotypical assumptions associated with female assassins, exhibiting remarkable detective skills and an unerring eye for detail while grappling with pervasive misogyny when coupled with male counterparts. The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of her baby, a mystery that lingers like a specter, helps the audience understand her intentions and reasonings.

Machinations and Aspirations

“The Above Average Schoolteacher,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)
“Jennifer Washington (Ashley Olivia Fisher)” and Cathy Montgomery (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams) having a girls’ night out, Average Joe, “The Above Average Schoolteacher,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Cathy’s penchant for manipulation comes into play when she masterfully convinces Angela’s daughter, Jennifer, to ditch her shift at the diner for an impromptu shopping spree and late-night bar hopping. Cathy tantalizes Jennifer with visions of a glamorous life in Bel-Air, prompting Jennifer to reconsider her father’s well-intended proclamation that everyone quits looking for the bounty. Cathy’s persuasive tactics not only change Jennifer’s outlook but they also stir up dreams of investing in her father’s plumbing business and seeking treatment for her mother’s health condition. The ripple effects of this ambitious plan are felt strongly by Angela, who appears emotionally moved by her daughter’s earnest determination to uplift their lives.

What Lies Ahead?

The episode draws to a thrilling close with an adrenaline-fueled intrusion into an artisanal store nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh. Leon, Touch, and Joe are hell-bent on erasing potentially incriminating digital footage, oblivious to the danger lurking around the corner. Unbeknownst to them, Arina and her team, having cleverly pieced together a breadcrumb trail of clues from Joe’s office, are hot on their heels. The episode culminates in a harrowing confrontation, tragically claiming the life of an innocent worker who, caught off-guard by the sudden chaos, becomes an unintended casualty.

The episode ends on a somber note with a shocking turn of events – the life of an innocent worker is brutally cut short by an unfortunate entanglement in this dangerous game. It’s a grim reminder of the steep price of their quest. As the dust settles in the boutique store, the audience is left questioning the repercussions of the crews’ actions. How will they navigate the fallout from this tragic incident?

Meanwhile, Arina and her team lurk in the shadows, their identity truly unknown to Leon, Touch, and Joe. As she continues to piece together the puzzle, just how close is she to unveiling their secrets? And what of Jennifer and Cathy, who are entirely oblivious to the spiraling chaos? How will this shake up their plans?

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Rob Cullen

Noted Characters and Cast

Joe Washington

Deon Cole

Angela Washington

Leon Montgomery

Jennifer (Jen) Washington

Ashley Olivia Fisher



Cathy Montgomery

Cynthia Caye McWilliams

Pamela Talford

Ashani Roberts

Winny Harris

Stan Harris


Kathrine Barnes



Why does Arina agree to hunt down Dimitri’s killers?

Arina does this in order to reconnect with her long lost daughter.

How does Touch gain information about the case?

By getting his colleagues to further instigate a feeling of alienation within Pamela, an “us against them”, in order to get her on his side.

What did Leon do this time?

Leon carelessly chose a store to purchase peanut butter from that had a camera right out front even though Touch told him to be sure there were no cameras evidencing his acquisition.

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Average Joe: Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Above Average School Teacher” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
In this whirlwind episode of "Average Joe", danger looms large, secrets teeter on the brink of exposure, and lives hang in the balance. The stakes are higher, the game more perilous, and the intrigue? It's just getting started. Prepare for a ride that's anything but average.
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A New Kind of Femme Fatale
Machinations and Aspirations

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