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Dot (Jackée Harry), Amelia, and Maybelle performing in Jeb's church.

A Family Reunion Christmas – Review, Recap (with Spoilers)

In the Family Reunion Christmas special, Jackée Harry guests stars, and the children are given a lesson on privilege.
SMILF Season 1 Episode 6 Chocolate Pudding & a Cooler of Gatorade - Bridgette and Tutu

SMILF: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Chocolate Pudding & a Cooler of Gatorade” – Recap/...

Disappointments come all around and Bridgette finds herself being everyone’s go-to person. Previous Recap: Episode 5 Network Showtime Director(s) Amy York Rubin Writer(s) Sarah L. Jones and Mel Shimkovitz Characters Introduced Angie (Rafi’s Mom) Marabina Jaimes Edmond Donald Li My Mother, My Weakness: Rafi We get to meet...