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  • Hurry Down Sunshine [Book Review] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Overview A father learns to adapt, as he has before, to a family member, in this case, his daughter, dealing with a mental illness and it being so close to home. Review (with Spoilers) When I first read this book it was sometime when I was in high school. At the time I was trying to figure out if I truly did not like to read, as many make the claim to, or if the so-called classics that every school push on us were just not for me. Well, between this book and the biographies of Maya Angelou (more so Maya Angelou’s book than this one if we are to be completely honest), I discovered that the classics were good solely because it was agreed upon and that I shouldn’t gauge my interest in reading based on that. So, with that said, let’s talk about the book which, let’s say…

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  • Collected Quotes Hurry Down Sunshine

    Collected Quotes: Hurry Down Sunshine

    Best of […] a paradox of psychiatry: mental illness is recognized by the patient’s distorted thoughts, but treatment is largely indifferent to their content. — Hurry Down Sunshine | Page – 104 […] the same words that her eyes could not decipher on the page, her tongue, freed from the fixed symbols of language, mastered with a deftness that allowed for puns, recitations, arguments, speeches, if she deigned to deliver them-all attesting to a bewilderingly sharp intelligence. — Hurry Down Sunshine | Page 7 […] madness. What other disease is verifiable solely from the social affect of its victim? Hurry Down Sunshine | Page – 87 If [she] had been in an accident or come down with some overtly physical disease, I would not hesitate to tell him about it, confident that his sympathies would flow in my direction as a matter of course. But psychosis defies empathy; few people…

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