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Title card for movie Aardvark

Aardvark – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Aardvark is one of those movies which unfortunately doesn't hone in on the interesting character or story but just makes them part of the dull lead's life. Director(s) Brian Shoaf Screenplay By Brian Shoaf Date Released 8/7/2018 Genre(s) Drama Good If You Like Small...
Title card for the movie Tag.

Tag – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Tag is probably one of the few comedy movies, this year anyway, which isn’t just about the jokes but also about the genuine friendship between its leads. Director(s) Jeff Tomsic Screenplay By Mark Steilen, Rob McKittrick Date Released 6/15/2018 Genre(s) Comedy, Action Good...

Baby Driver – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

I don’t know about you, but that Rolling Stone quote “Baby Driver is beyond F***ing awesome” was not what made me wanna see this. If anything, it was a red flag. However, the romance...