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What Men Want (2019) - Title Card

What Men Want (2019) – Summary, Review (With Spoilers)

What Men Want may be a reimagining of What Women Want, but Taraji P. Henson not only makes the movie premise her own but brings a truly hilarious experience.

Badu vs. Everythang – Overview/ Review

While seeing Erykah Badu isn’t a life-changing experience, experiencing her artistry is definitely something for your bucket list. Venue New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJ Pac) Venue Address Newark, NJ Director(s) N/A Writer(s) N/A Date 9/15/2017 Genre(s) R&B Good If You Like Minimal Changes to How their Songs...

The Land – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview A group of inner city kids, more so desiring a quick buck than a regular job, steal cars and happen to come across some Molly. This story is about the consequence that comes with...