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    Collected Quotes & .Gifs For The Month of November 2020

    Over the month of November 2020, we collected quotes from various movies, interviews, shows, and more, check them out.

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    Amari Allah and Shonda Nicole in a promotional picture.

    Getting Ignorant With It: Episode 20 “You Can Find Me On OnlyFans”

    After taking a few months off, Amari and Shonda are back and alongside talking about what has happened in TV and pop culture, they speak upon boundaries, capacities as people, therapy and so much more.

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    Getting Ignorant With It: Episode 18 “I Just Want to be Mentally There Before I Physically Start”

    In the latest episode, we venture into other people's business by giving our opinion on Jada Pinkett-Smith and her entanglements, speak on the latest episode of The Chi, and give a season review for "I May Destroy You." Alongside that, Shonda talks about a big move coming in her life, and Amari might be visiting family!

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    Collected Quotes: Amari Allah

    Best of I don’t need to understand every last thing about you. We could be together for as long as you have lived thus far, and I still wouldn’t know everything. All I need to understand is my place in your life and in return let you understand your place in mine. — Amari Sali Thought: The ideal is to find someone who makes you comfortable enough to be who you are but not stay where you are in life. — Amari Sali God gave man free will to see what he’d do with it. So why would you ever think praying and waiting would be all you needed to do for a blessing? — Amari Sali You know what freedom is? Laughing with teeth bared, mouth wide open, and letting your spirit be free. Ain’t no hiding in laughter. In them moments of joy, be it because of a…

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