Title card for the Facebook series, Red Table Talk.

Could Red Table Talk Open Will Smith To Cancel Culture?

Jada Pinkett-Smith's Red Table Talk has led to Will Smith, seldom, being shown beyond perfection. Could this cause future issues for the star?
Title Card - Charlie’s Angels (2019)

Why Charlie’s Angels Flopped

While we liked Charlie’s Angels and could foresee a franchise, let’s be real – it isn’t likely to happen now. Here’s why it probably bombed.
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How Things Ended For Character At The End Of Elite: Season 1 (Spoilers)

On the eve of Elite: Season 2, let's quickly recap how season 1 ended.
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The Storyline/Major Arcs of Season 1 of Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row (Spoilers)

The story, broken down by significant arcs, of Season 1 of Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row.
Title Card - Dear White People - Alternative World

Questions Left Unanswered After Netflix’s Dear White People Season 3 aka Volume III Finale

After watching Dear White People's season 3 (Volume III) finale, there are some things we're left to question. Here are a handful of things which need answers.