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Thank you for your interest in contacting us.

The best method would be by email You can also contact us via Twitter (@Wherever_I_Look) or Facebook (@WhereverILook) if that suits you better.

Our mailing address is:

Wherever I Look
1092 St. Georges Avenue #273
Rahway, NJ 07065

If you send something by mail, please notify us ahead of time so that we expect it.


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Submission Guidelines

For review requests, we take into consideration pretty much anything sent. With that said, please take note that while our response will usually be within 24-48 hours, having the time to watch your product and review it varies week to week.

With that in mind, usually for visual media, that is movies, shorts, tv episodes, we can deliver you a review (with approval if you wish) within a week, depending on what is scheduled. It can take less if we haven’t much planned or more if our weekdays and weekends are packed.

Currently, we are unable to review books.

Interviews & Collaborations

We always appreciate and enjoy talking about the creative process or about media with others. If you’d like to collab or do an interview with us, either with you as the interviewee or us, please e-mail us at

Volunteer/ Contributor Opportunities

Wherever I Look has been a one-person operation since it has began but we’d love for others to join. If you are interested, email us.