Originally started in 2012, but transitioning into its current form in February of 2017, Wherever I Look has shown great growth since our beginning.

Audience & Site Stats

The views, visitors, likes, and number of comments on Wherever I Look in 2017
Views: 1.057,144
Visitors: 766,954

The site began February 2017 with the focus squarely on daily recaps/ reviews of US available television programs, as well as a handful of international titles, alongside weekly movie recaps/ reviews. Later on, the site expanded to cover books, video games, as well as, local to New York and New Jersey, live events.

Stats for Wherever I Look as of 8/18/2018
Views: 1,627,524
Visitors: 1,117,317
(Retrieved 8/18/2018)

With those additions, the number of views and visitors done in our first year was met within 5 months. With our current trajectory, we should have over two million views and at least 1.5 million visitors by years end – conservatively. Our audience is a female majority, at nearly 60%, and 68% of our audience is between the ages of 18 – 34 per Google Analytics.

Contact Information

You can also contact us via Twitter (@Wherever_I_Look) or Facebook (@WhereverILook).

We accept request to review movies, shorts, and shows only at this moment. Unfortunately, we can’t say yes to everything sent to us but we do consider whatever is sent.